Would this make them happy?


There is a killer out there, waiting for women who stand on street corners. In this scenario, the one we know well, waiting is catastrophic.

Our woman is cattle to the market.

For the woman it is the end of the story, but not for our killer, Mr. X, profiled as follows:

white male
late 30's
a loner

probably lives by himself or with his evil and punishing mother, whom, at the age of 5, he witnessed naked, sweating beneath another stranger, the first stranger -

the stranger he will become...

Or, or - (see how quickly this becomes the story of Him - see how the woman has disappeared from our plot) - as a child he found himself standing on a corner, having lost the soft hand of his mother's palm while crossing a busy intersection. A stranger approaches, holding out his hand, offering to replace the long lost Bunky bear, proffering loud candies muffled and wrapped in a brown paper bag.

A car, a room, bushes - it matters not where the story goes.

We all know what happens next.