Lucy Gray's School Song ...

(Sung to the tune of ?)



Very many years ago when none of us were born

the children of Mt Lawley came to this school every morn

they learned their lessons just like us

they too would laugh and play

and 'strive for wisdom' is what they used to say



Chorus: Strive for wisdom in everything you do

Strive for wisdom the same for me and you

Now we have computers and we use them every day

But we still strive for wisdom in the same old way



Times have changed in recent years, we learn a different way

with calculators and computers work is more like play

The children of so long ago would envy us our day

We still strive for wisdom in the same old way.


 Lucy Gray's School song, Mount Lawley Primary School

YOU can go and see the children perform this song live a the Galleria Shopping Centre, on Wednesday 22 October, 10.35 am.

Is that you Elise?