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josie: Good afternoon
elise: hello josephine - sorry i'm late - di was teaching me html - she's here and wants to chat
josie: Was I terribly late? I was locked out of the place of writing.
josie: Hi Di!
elise: heaven forbid!
elise: hi there josie...
josie: Did you get my emails?
josie: Loved your piece
elise: hsoory it's di here under the name of elsie and i have never done this before
josie: Great work, stranger
elise: i'm slow
josie: Oh Hi elise/di - or is this just linda playnig with her virutal identity again?
elise: no, it's me the nerd girl
josie: Dont worry - I'm incoherent and inaccurate
elise: It is a very bizarre experience for the first time to be talking so slow and wth typoos
josie: So hows the html - I am missing cam over here, and I dont know if he knows about html, so I think its up to elsie in her techo mode to go for it
josie: Its not really slow - you get used to it
josie: elsie the name reminds me of Eliza Doolittle
elise: No worries on the html front. I have started by showing her how to actually see what you have done in
elise: glorius colour
josie: what do you mean - the iltimate insight!!
josie: ultimate
elise: yep....she was seeing it in grey
josie: Allelulia!

is that you, elise dear?