tinky: and then someone said, 'do it to me baby'. i mean it's all in the imagination ...
rosi: they can't think of anything else to say - the imagination is dead - the sexual imagination is in rigamortis. in this context, you can't really laugh in someone's face when they say something stupid like that, can you?
tinky: The power of words
rosi: what words tink, 'do it to me baby' - now really!!
tinky: Yes - it is a disaster really - I mean do it to me baby?
rosi: pathetic - you might as well rent porn video - the dialogue and storylines are probably more interesting or something tinky: I am :D
rosi: although, i suppose you don't have that sense of 'being there' - if that's what it is
rosi: :..D - laughing so hard that I'm crying
tinky: No - maybe they have an elaborate ironic discourse ...
rosi: very understated perhaps tinky ...: D - Laughing so hard the tears are running up my face
rosi: oh stop! i'm laughing uncontrollably ...
rosi: i don't know - maybe it is all in the imagination - you know those few words might be really evocative, a turn-on. who knows?
tinky: yes - I was thinking that it says so much about words, over images - their economy
rosi: i suppose so - i mean i wonder about the idea of someone saying 'do it to me baby' - like that's some kind of narrative immersion, some kind of desiring narrative ... alternately a kind of false modesty.