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Stephen Whittington
'The Last Meeting of the Satie Society'
5pm Monday 6, Tuesday 7 and Wednesday 8 March
5th floor, Schulz Building, Adelaide University
Enter off Kintore Avenue
Tickets at the door:
Gen Admin $10
SPU $5 

improvisation // chance // invention

"I believe that the use of noise to make music will continue and increase until we reach a music produced through the aid of electrical instruments which will make available for musical purposes any and all sounds that can be heard... The composer (organiser of sound) will not only be faced with the entire field of sound but also with the entire field of time... Percussion music is a contemporary transistion from the keyboard-influenced music to the all-sound music of the future." John Cage

Stephen Whittington is a writer, composer and interpreter of contemporary music. He is particularly well-known for his performances associated with experimental tradition, including the works of John Cage and Erik Satie.

Verve is delighted to be able to present Stephen's interpretation of The Last Meeting of the Satie Society, to be performed on three occasions during Artists' Week at Adelaide University's Performing Arts and Technology Unit. PATU has a small intimate performance space that seats an audience of fifty. The performance will include the following moments:
  The Last Meeting of the Satie Society

Stephen Whittington will perform (with piano, text, computers and 16mm film)

Extracts from 'James Joyce, Marcel Duchamp, Erik Satie: An Alphabet' (text), by John Cage, and translations by Cage of various texts of Satie.

Extracts from 'Sports et divertissements' (music) by Erik Satie, performed with mesostic translations by John Cage of Satie's texts.

Chance recompositions (music) by John Cage of pieces from Satie's 'Sports et divertissements'.

'Music for Marcel Duchamp' by John Cage.

'Cheap Imitation': chance recomposition (music) by John Cage of Satie's 'Socrate'.

'Bureaucratic Sonatina': recomposition by Satie of 'Sonatina in C' by Clementi, with texts by Satie.

'Entr'acte': a film by Rene Clair, starring Marcel Duchamp. Francis Picabia, Erik Satie et al, with the original score by Satie performed live.

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