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The vervewriting listserv forum is now open to subscriptions. Accessible via email or web the forum is a vehicle for the convergence and intensity of ideas generated by Verve.

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Join Terri-ann White and Linda Carroli, your forum hosts. Invited guests will instigate conversations that consider the changes to language and textuality being 'felt' now via the speed and time of new technologies.

][ pricklings

Log on to eWRe and write up to 100 words about anything that relates to notions of Other Writing. If you are lucky enough to be here in Adelaide for the Festival you may want to write with, or from, a performance, event or exhibition. If you are writing from somewhere else you can still contribute by joining in the conversations on the forum or by logging in to the chatroom for the Ngapartji broadcast. Perhaps you will write from there.

][ pricklings will make a pattern or a design based on a number of variables including time of submission and the number of words. These variables will determine location on the screen and the 'colour' of your submission. ][ pricklings is the Electronic Writing Research Ensemble's contribution to Verve:The Other Writing

Concept & Design: Teri Hoskin
Perl & DHTML Programming : Ali Graham
Design: Megan Rainey

Verve at Ngapartji, the final day of Artists Week, will be broadcast live via Quicktime 4 You will be able to log any time between 11am [12:30am GMT] and 7pm [8:30am GMT] and see/hear the entire day's events. There will be a dedicated chat room and an opportunity to ask the speakers questions at the Plenary Session.

You can view the day's events in between the above times.

If you don't have QuickTime 4 installed, get it from Apple's site: qt

You can also chat with other participants and viewers while Verve @ Ngapartji is progressing (requires a Java-enabled browser).

r a d i o q u a l i a is engaged in the exploration of sound and media within the context of philosophical speculation. The work attempts to simulate the introspectible and seemingly nomadic properties of sense-datum, through sound. r a d i o q u a l i a critique the frailties of their chosen media format (Real Audio / Video, Desktop Computers, Internet connections) within the aesthetic of their sound art and netcasting. They work with, rather than against the limitations of the media.

This new interface for VERVE will assist with navigation for specific r a d i o q u a l i a projects including 'pso.Net' and 'illata'.

  as i may..
    The web version of Sally Pryor's current work-in-progress, As I May Write will be launched here online. As I May Write is an experimental and interactive art work about writing systems and the human-computer interface. It explores histories (earliest graphemes, picture writing), contemporary visual languages and relevant theories (hypertext, semiotics), and possible applications of 'intelligent' icons in an interactive media space.

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