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Artists' Week
final day
March 9
11am - 7pm
Rundle St

VERVE: The Other Writing at Ngapartji Multimedia Centre will also be the final day of Artists' Week. The day's events will present an array of elements that constitute writing now, a time increasingly mediated by digital technologies and environments. The concerns are a consideration of the 'old' in relation to the 'new', calling to mind Gregory Ulmer's notion of electracy - a literacy suitable for a digital age. An 'electrate' culture would be somewhere between oral and literate cultures. That is, a digital age could afford the chance to invent methods of exchange between cultures and peoples using tools appropriate to any given situation. A shift from alphabetic thinking.

Verve at Ngapartji will be broadcast live using Quicktime 4. You will be able to log any time between 11am [12:30am GMT] and 7pm [8:30am GMT] and see/hear the entire day's events. There will be a dedicated chat room and an opportunity to ask the speakers questions at the Plenary Session.

You can view the day's events here; if you don't have QuickTime installed, get it from Apple's site: qt

You can also chat with other participants and viewers (requires a Java-enabled browser).

The program is available here.

Speakers and performers include:

  • Gregory L Ulmer and Linda Marie Walker
    CYBERPIDGIN - a conversation via cu-see-me.
    Greg and Linda will perform a writing 'set', that is they will improvise a writing session in real time. This performance will be the culmination of email rehearsals. Samples/ cuts from Greg and Linda's exchanges will be posted online. cu-see-me is a realtime internet technique (or vehicle) that uses the keyboard and a small video camera mounted on top of a computer (in this case a computer here in Adelaide and Greg's computer in Gainesville Florida). The image the camera 'sees' is transmitted along with the text the user writes. Delays in transmission can produce cuts, jumps and unpredictable results; a bit like the weather (watch-this-space). Gregory L. Ulmer is Professor of English and Media Studies at the University of Florida. He is the founder of the The Florida Research Ensemble. Linda Marie Walker, recently Director of The Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia is now Lecturer at the University of South Australia. Linda Marie is a well renowned writer, artist, and curator. Her novella, 'The Woman, Mistaken', was published last year.
  • Victoria Lynn, Curator of Contemporary Art, Art Gallery of NSW, will introduce keynote speaker, Bill Seaman.
  • Bill Seaman is a multimedia artist, educator and writer. His major works include; "The World Generator/The Engine of Desire" and "The Exquisite Mechanism of Shivers". Bill's new installation, Red Dice will be exhibited at CACSA. "Red Dice" is an interpretation of what is often referred to as a hypertextual poem, Stéphane Mallarmé's "Dice Thrown Never Will Annul Chance". Bill is a frequent and generous contributor to online list-servs where his thinking on notions of recombinant media elements and the shifting ground of contemporary subjectivity has incited many and multiple threads of conversation.
  • Sue Thomas, novelist and Director of the trAce Online Writing Community presents Living the New Life.Increasing numbers of artists work online, including the writers at trAce. They are geographically remote but intensely intimate, talking via alphabet and keyboard through a weather of lag and spam. The form and gender of their bodies may be unknown. Physically they can be anywhere, but only online can they live the New Life.
  • Adele Hann, Program Manager at Adelaide's screen resource organisation, the Media Resource Centre, will give a presentation that considers the status of experimental video practice, in the past and now in light of the ease with which artists utilise other digital media.
  • Jyanni Steffensen analyses, from a cyberfeminist, poststructural perspective a time travelling subject, Rosalind Brodsky. Brodsky (RB), of Anglo/Eastern European/Jewish ancestry, is a creation of Australian/UK based digital artist Suzanne Treister. Suzanne's work creates a space which negotiates issues of fetishism and sexuality, subjectivity and technology in relation to personal histories/fictions and histories of the twentieth century.

Sound Lounge

The Sound Lounge will feature performances by <pbxo> (Jason Sweeney and Cailin Burns), and Kenny's Window.

Video Wall
The video wall curated by Adele Hann,will play an assemblage of experimental video that includes Bob Dylan, "Subterranean Homesick Blues"; Janet Merewhether, "Making Out in Japan"; Alison Bell "Here I sit". These videos can be viewed after Verve at Ngapartji in the reading/writing room at the Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia. (Others to be announced soon).


There will be a studio with dedicated computers for public access. Users will be able to participate in the vervewriting online forum, browse the net art, explore the CD-ROMs featured during the day and discover the routes and links to the other elements that constitute Verve: The Other Writing throughout the Festival 2000.

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