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March 3-26
WORLDSEND, 208 Hindley St West
Launch: By Festival Director, Robyn Archer
Tuesday March 7, 1.30pm
Artists Talk: Monday 13th, 11am-12 midday
"I don't consider them pictures, I think of them as a type of hieroglyphics... In reality I am not drawing, I'm writing a story with a unique type of symbol."
Tezuka Osamu, manga Artist

Crossing cultural divides and age differences, comics play an enormous role in the acquisition of language. The subject matter and the graphic styles employed by comic artists are as varied as life itself. The methods employed rely on sequential arrangments of fragmentary narrative -- language becomes a synthesis of graphics, spoken (written word), onomatapoeia and narrative text.

Digital technology has changed the face of the comic at every level, from making of the artwork to the medium in which it is presented.

South Australian artists, Glenn Lumsden and Dave de Vries began writing and drawing comic books and cartoons seventeen years ago. Their artwork has appeared in film, television, theatre, music, advertising and corporate PR. As well as publishing their own comic magazines, they have worked extensively for international comic book companies on such characters as The Phantom and Batman. Their work appears in many Australian magazines, from the Financial Review to the Picture Weekly.

Works exhibited will include The Phantom (The Ghost Who Walks), a mini-series for Marvel Comics, Batman - "Legends of the Dark Knight", and a selection of award-winning illustrations for the Financial Review.

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