swift verve

March 3-26
Launch Friday March 10, 6pm
14 Porter St, Parkside

The Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia CACSA will be the physical hub for Verve. The gallery is housed in an old bluestone villa in Parkside on the edge of the city grid. It has three gallery spaces and a garden conducive to relaxation and good conversation. c a c s a is able to host Verve as they are taking their festival exhibition to the city; Warm Filters / Paintings For Buildings will be installed at Elizabeth House, North Terrace and other nearby places.

gallery 1

artist books | graphic music scores

Selections from the Experimental Art Foundation's extensive Artist Books Collection and graphic music scores will be exhibited.

workshops | artist talks

Tuesday 14 - Friday 17 March

A series of afternoon floor talks, workshops and performances will be held in the second week of the Festival, from Tuesday March 14 to Friday March 17. Click here for a timetable you can print out.
The series will include:
  • Kevin Henderson is a multimedia performance artist from the UK and guest of the Experimental Art Foundation for the Festival. He will talk about the use of the artist's book in his own and other artists' practice, and a writing project he is currently working on for an online site that relates closely to BETWEEN THE EYES EVIL SHAVED, his project for the Experimental Art Foundation.
  • Michael O'Donoghue will give a presentation on Egyptian Hieroglyphics. Michael is a Senior Lecturer in Religion Studies at the University of South Australia. He is also an Honorary Research Associate in Egyptology at the South Australian Museum. Michael will talk about the everyday use of hieroglyphics and issues of translation to our contemporary context.
  • Junko Banks leads a Japanese calligraphy workshop specifically for Manyoh-kana. Manyoh-kana is a set of unmodified Kanji scripts used in the Manyoh-syu, poetry of the 8th century. Junko will present some background information on kana scripts and then lead four consecutive workshops of ten people. These will be approximately 15 minutes long; just a taste, a chance to try your hand at brush work.
  • Linda Carroli, Terri-ann White and Sue Thomas will host a round table discussion on internet writing practices. Linda Carroli has collaborated with Josephine Wilson on Hyperfictions * water always writes in * pluraland cipher. Her most recent online work is titled speak.Terri-ann White works as a writer both online and off. In 1996 Terri-ann was writer-in-residence at trAce online writing community, she is currently writing a novel produced from this residency. She recently collaborated with John Kinsellla, Bernard Cohen and McKenzie Wark in an email project for trAce called speedfactory. Sue Thomas is a novelist and the director of the trAce online writing community.
  • Libby O'Donovan singer for Doppio Teatro's Festival event the last child...flight of the swallows will perform works from her own compositions. The collaborative performance works as a structured improvisation between Libby (voice), Belinda Gelhart (violin), Shereen Khemlani (bass) and Jo Kerglove (visual artist).
  • Susie Fraser and Mark Stephens will be reading. Susie has been investigating the exchange between the lyric voice and the rational discursive voice of linear argument, and has resumed work as a performance maker with a body of texts entitled 'Stories from the interior'. Mark is an Adelaide based installation artist and writer.
  • Simon Robb presents his paper History and Fabrication; on the minor writing of wards of the state from the 19th Century Hulk Fitzjames anchored off the coast of Adelaide.
  • [ to be announced ]
gallery 2

a reading-writing room

Included in the selection of surfaces to write on and read from will be an iMac linking users to vervewriting online, the curated net artworks and CDROMS and a selection of artist videos.
Peter Harding will install some comfortable furniture to arrange your body in and around.
Adelaide-based installation artist Dylan Everett will exhibit new wall works.

Gallery 3

Red Dice

Bill Seaman

Bill Seaman presents a new video installation, Red Dice from Stéphane Mallarmé's poem Dice Thrown Never Will Annul Chance.


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