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x ** l'audible is a site dedicated to the development of audio culture in australasia...
.l'audible was set up in 1997 to use streaming technology to open these sounds to a broader audience, making the underground visible through a new medium.
+ + all the artists found on l'audible are linked through any number of chains and reactions..
.it is a hub in this respect..
.pulling strings and tieing loose knots in the thread.*
l'audible is partly housed at IRS (orang.orang.de).

Radio Internationale Stadt ORANGE Open Radio Archive Network Group provides 27 day(s), 21 hours, 39 minutes and 13 seconds, this are 2410753 seconds or 40179 minutes or 669 hours of contributed audio material. this system served 576 days of content to the net audiance. feel free to explore it and colaborate.

Clan Analogue is a collective, of electronic sound composers, visual artists, coders, djs, video artists, writers and designers. Clan is a diverse group working in sound design, video, live events, publishing, internet and broadcasting.

Electronic Music Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that provides access to materials and information essential to understanding the history and current development of electronic music and related artforms.



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