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Grammatron Mark Amerika's endless hypertext novel.

GashGirl Francesca daRimini

DollYoko Francesca daRimini & mikeyNoHarm

Carrier symbiotic ecology, immunophilosophy, intimate experience, invalid code. congrats to Melinda Rackman who was awarded the Fauldings Multimedia Prize for this project.

geniwate's site www.idaspoetics.com.au


noon quilt Noon Quilt is an assemblage of patches submitted by writers from around the world. Together they form a fabric of noon-time impressions from across the globe. The quilts were stitched over a period of approximately five months during 1998-1999.

Sue Thomas' site Her passions are androids, artlessness and ambiguity.

Jason Sweeney writes, performs and releases records internationally with various projects (Pretty Boy Crossover, Sweet William, Other People's Children). See <pbxo> for audio, info and links.

Linda Carroli is a Brisbane based Artist, Writer and Curator. She has collaborated with Josephine Wilson on two hypertext fictions. The award winning * water always writes in * plural and cipher. Her most recent web writing is speak.

Archiving Imagination Writer Diane Caney & artist Robin Pettard have made a beautiful site concerned with memory, loss, love. Lots of mouse rollovers.

Tulse Luper _ 92 Suitcases A Peter Greenaway inspired site. Terrific writing, one of those places to get lost in_amongst.

Would You Recognize a Virtual Paradise? Suzanne Treister

deep immersion TerriAnne White

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