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Stephen Whittington
Serious Immobilities: on the centenary of Erik Satie's Vexations

Satie and Cage:
The homepage of Erik Satie

John Cage Indeterminancy



The Oulipo: An Introduction
'The Oulipo, then, makes language wrinkle.'
Essay by Mark Lowenthal, introduction to the structured improvisations of Raymound Queneau, Alain Robbe-Grillet, Italo Calvino, Jacques Roubard et al. Unlike the automatic writing of the surrealists "The Oulipo proposed and proposes constraint as the pressure valve to make it [language] gush. "

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Artists' Books at Carnegie Mellon Libraries

For those at Kevin Henderson's presentation on Thursday 16:
Artists' Book Archive
The Centre for Artists Books
Visual Research Centre
University of Dundee DCA
152 Nethergate

Morning Star [small press publishing]
Top Floor Blue Door
16 Upper Grove Place
Edinburgh EH3 8AU

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