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RealTime Australian National Arts Online

PMCPost Modern Culture, the first online journal. Text-only archives of past issues.

CTheory Arthur and Marilouise Kroker's mixed bag theoria site


research data bases

Philosophy Research Database has a plethora of categories including Ancient and Aesthetic Philosophies; Phenomenology to Existentialism; Post Structuralism, Feminism and Queer Theory. Links to other sites and bibliographies

Voice of the Shuttle is the most extensive collection of art and art history links I've seen. This is a very valuable resource.

critical...poetic philosophy
lux: notes for an electronic writing
was an exhibiton of text on paper at the Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia by writers and artists whose practices extend to online digital environments. lux celebrates a reading writing practice that generates an electric relationship between the text, the reader, writer and the physical space. What is the writing that happens when one looks away, from reading?

lux is also available as a book. You can order a copy now through the Gallery.
email: cacsa@camtech.net.au
voice: +61 8 8363 3406
Dimensions: 270mm x 200mm, 45pp, spiral bound
Photopcopied edition of 50 (numbered) on really nice white paper!
$8.00 members, $10.00 non-members

Works by Sue Thomas, Gregory Ulmer, Sonja Porcaro, Teri Hoskin, MarkStephens, Heather Kerr, Michael Tawa, geniwate, Linda Marie Walker, Josephine Wilson and Linda Carroli.

Sacrificing Music Gregory Ulmer. Includes "The Monumental Electric" and "The Wreck-Age: How to Think with Wreck-Work". Very important essays in any consideration of electronic writing practice.

Guardian of Language an Interview With Helene Cixous by Kathleen O'Grady  link seems to be down at the moment; unfortunately their pages give no updated URL

Internet Philosophy and Psychology"The text consists of hundreds of sections written over a period of five years, a continuous meditation on cyberspace, emphasizing issues of interiority, subjectivity, body, and language. The extended range of topics includes Net applications, as well as occasional reference to the underlying architecture and protocols of telecommunications; this is the materialist "gristle" that can't be discarded in analysis." Alan Sondheim

A Cyborg ManifestoDonna Haraway's ironic dream.

What Does It Mean To Be Posthuman?Dr.N. Katheryn Hayles

A Literary Hypertext Chronology

Derridean Links

Deleuzian links

Networked Genre Bending at alt-x

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