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iCOMICS, a North American site with lots of articles about things contemporary in the comic scene. When I was there the date was 13 Feb 19100. Has a listserv and some electronic comics.

http://www.kingfeatures.com/comics/phantom/ A comprehensive list of 60 comics with detailed info on the strip, the cartoonist, the characters and samples of the comic including email and web addresses. The list includes well known comics such as Popeye, The Phantom, Spiderman as well as the more obscure and recent comics such as The New Breed, I Need Help and Rhymes with Orange. The site has beautiful graphics/layout.

http://www.ozemail.com.au/~djlures/pages/frewnew.htm The current Australian Phantom site with detailed info from the publisher about the current issue. This is for serious fans who are familiar with and passionate about the characters, style, plots etc or for those that want to dive in 'where it's at' now. The site has downloads, fan art, and links to official and un-official (fan) sites.


Deep Woods sites

http://www.fam.aust.com/deepwoods/site_index.html The Deep Woods Site Index and it is true to its name-it's huge, but probably has everything you'd ever want to know about Phantom. It has about 100 sections, but these mostly represent the different countries that have published Phantom comics (Australia, Spain, India, Israel etc.). It has lots of info on the creators, writers and artists.

http://www.fam.aust.com/deepwoods/frew_archive.html The Phantom Cover Archive site (Australian) celebrating 50 yrs of the comic from 1948-1998. It has an image of each cover of the 100 issues. It also has a complete chronology of the issues with info such as title, writer, artists etc. Interesting info too such as "The Australian Womans Mirror magazine was the first Australian publication to feature the Phantom strips (in 1936)..."

http://www.fam.aust.com/deepwoods/dc.html This is (also) the Phantom Cover Archive site except that it is about the American series. It includes the Phantom mini-series (starting in 1988) and the regular series (1989/90).

http://www.fam.aust.com/deepwoods/australia.html This site focuses on the Australian Phantom scene but instead of being just images of the covers it has detailed written info. It is quite extensive.

http://www.fam.aust.com/deepwoods/ref.html This is another (international) index with the major sections being the countries of publication, creators, trivia, fan clubs and fanzines. Well laid out.

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