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electronic publishers...

Florida Research Ensemble

alt-x Publishing Network

trAce Online Writing Community based at Nottingham Trent University, UK

frAme based at trAce, Journal of Art and Culture. Some electronic art works, critcism too.

eWRe Electronic Writers Research Ensemble

Globe-e Journal of Contemporary Art, based in Melbourne, Australia


Western Front is a Canadian based artist run centre that is dedicated to the production, exhibition, and promotion of contemporary electronic - media art

Eyebeam Atelier is a New York based site that creates innovative opportunites for artists, sutdents, scholars, and the public through its educational programs, Artist-in-Residence program, internships, apprenticeships, partnerships, online symposia, and public events.


Burning Press "an energy nexus for various literary [and art] projects" based in Ohio US

Leonardo On-Line

Cyberspace, Hypertext and Critical Theoryat Brown University. A very rich site, link to George P Landow's research on hypertext here.

Pericles is a site dedicated to critically, poetically and politically engaged art projects and works. Managed by Jean-Philippe Halgand, most works in French with some English too.

HyperLiterature/HyperTheoryas the title suggests, a lot of useful links here.

Etext archives has been around since 1992, a free publishing service. There is a lot of stuff here.

Hypermedia Research Centreattatched too University of Westminster, London. This one's been around for a while too. (1995, a long time in web speak).

NWQH don't know what these letters represent or where the site hails from, could be Canadian? There is a lot of writing here, some of it is very good, the emphasis is on 'literary'.

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