trace (or) spatial cinematics ARCHIVE | PROPOSITION | PROGRAM
Presenters …
Francesca da Rimini
Ross Gibson
Kathi Holt-Damant
Teri Hoskin
Andy Petrusevics

Convenor …
Steve Loo

Monday 28 02 2005
9am-12pm colloquium II
1pm-5pm workshops
5pm-6pm screenings
WORKSHOPS / In a very limited span of time students gathered material to make something for the presentation at the end of the day. They documented a small selection of items from the Architecture Museum attached to the LLS School of Architecture & Design. The items: plans, photographs, journals, newspaper articles et al. They did this in various ways: (writing), transcribing, noting, jotting, rubbing, (drawing), scanning, digital video and stills, audio recording. The school has recently relocated to its brand new premises, the Kuarna building by John Wardle Architects. These spaces also acted as material.

absent object ritual

Web workshop with Francesca da Rimini, Teri Hoskin & a text editor. Students: Emma Wood& Orr, Lauren & Jasmine, Tessa & Megan
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title (TV with Andy Petrusivics and final cut pro, Linda Marie Walker & Steve Loo. Students)
title Multimedia + Kuarna Building with Ross Gibson & Kathi Holt-Damat. Students
Raul Ruiz "The Six Functions of the Shot" in Raul Ruiz: Images of Passage Adrian Martin et al (eds) Rouge Press, 2004
Every shot is independent of those that together make up the film · A film is a collection of independent shots · When we see a film of fourhundred shots, we do not see a film, we see four hundred films · Each shot is the figure of one or more events captured from a point of view · In each shots there are events and a point of view …