trace (or) spatial cinematics ARCHIVE | PROPOSITION | PROGRAM

Monday 28 02 05

1pm-5pm workshops
5pm-6pm screenings

Presented by VADRG
Visual Arts and Design Research Group
University of South Australia
Louis Laybourne-Smith School of Architecture and Design and The South Australian School of Art. University of South Australia
ARCHIVE / trace (or) spatial cinematics was the second in the VADRG Colloquium series. This site is an archive of the proceedings. From the menu above right select Proposition for the brief & Program for speakers abstracts and bios. Some of the work made by students on the day is linked from Workshop in the Archive menu. Select Film for screen shots and credits of the film made by students that was launched on the day. COLLOQUIUM I Surface was one of the generating influences for the film. The initial photographs of the Whyalla site, 'subject' of the film, are on the COLLOQUIUM I Surface website.
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images left to right: Francesca da Rimini Snapshots of a Netmonster (software version .01) rendered on 25 February 2005; Ross Gibson LIFE AFTER WARTIME (screenshots). A story-engine for personal computer; Teri Hoskin "looking at European Trees" from secrets (screenshots). Web site
doll yoko trade Francesca da Rimini Net Moster doll netmonster Ross Gibson Life after wartime Ross Gibson Life after wartime Teri Hoskin Looking at European Trees Teri Hoskin Looking at European Trees