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The Whyalla Project

by students from the Louis Laybourne-Smith School of Architecture and Design and School of Communication, Information and New Media
University of South Australia
road The Whyalla Project (2005, 12 mins.) is an experimental short film, made collaboratively by architecture, film, multimedia, and computer science students. The film is 'about' a piece of land in the post-industrial town of Whyalla, whose physical presence is without obvious allure and whose social programme has been somewhat exhausted. The site is simultaneously available for an attention which is plural and contrary in terms of 'use.' While no narrative develops in the conventional sense, the mood of the film takes inspiration from Peter Carey's "Do You Love Me?," a short story about the dematerialization of places owing to the diminishing power of the cartographer to map land. Besides conventional film footage, the production of The Whyalla Project, an example what has recently come to be known as 'hybrid film', utilizes experimental editing techniques, game engine technology (called Unreal Tournament), and 3D animation Production Crew
Matt Irvine, Ana Sala-Oviedo, Marco Rapaic, Melissa Parsons, Damien Chwalisz, Annika Bowker, Sasha Radjenovish, Sean Humphries, Matt Pieterse, Ben Taylor, Jaan Kiploks, John Lane

Annika Bowker, Damien Chwalisz, Sean Humphries, Matt Irvine, Sasha Radjenovish

Sound Enginner

Based on Screenplay by
Ana Sala-Oviedo

Stephen Loo

Production Managers
Nick Ramondo and Karin Hollands
When the point of view changes (when the camera moves), the event, in a certain sense, is settled by the change of point of view, we shall say that the scene is closed · Even if the camera where not there to assume its point of view, the objects would tell their stories to each other · (Raul Ruiz "The Six Functions of the Shot")
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