A n observaion from Mr Bergson: is paient ad e greaest difficuly in drawing simple objecs; and if e ried o draw em from memory, he raced deaced porions of em cosen at random, and was unable o unie em ino a wole.ß eWRe

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NEW things

New things are happening, many without direct links to-from the entrance, most on-going. Here are a few:

an ArchAeOlogy of surface(S) is Linda Marie Walker's 'portal' to many new works and a few older ones. Though strictly speaking, a portal can probably not speak of surface, or at least, it's language would take some careful engagement … The surface site is an ongoing collaboration that extends 'writing' to design, sound, imagery and other spatio-temporal zones.

pricklings is the title of Teri Hoskin's processual research site. beta 1.1 and beta 1.2 are online here

Surface A Colloquium considers Whyalla, 'The Site' as a site for something potentiate.

small_love is a work-in-progress from visual artist and writer, Bridget Currie

And finally, Simon Robb, local writer and one of the original 'bunch' of eWRe bods has a terrific new book titled The Hulk, an experimental history is now available for purchase. Read the publisher's blurb here

ß Taken with liberty from Henri Bergson  Matter & Memory trans. Nancy Margaret Paul and W. Scott Palmer, Swan Sonnenschein & Co., London 1911.117