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Linda Marie Walker
Trying to be in space...
Text For Maps
Initial project notes:

Teri Hoskin, writer-at-small
Process summary

Menu for local Chinese Restaraunt Stephen Loo
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Dr Linda Marie Walker
project manager
Stephen Loo
Bridget Currie

Dr Linda Marie Walker and Stephen Loo are both Senior Lecturers at the Louis Laybourne Smith School of Architecture and Design, UNISA
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HQ & other locations…

There Forever HQ (Headquarters) are in the old ANZ Bank building at 111 Lipson Street, Port Adelaide. Installations, documentation, plus ancillary works will be there. Visitors will be escorted upstairs during opening hours and by appointment. Enter at the front door.

21-27 April, 10am - 3pm

28 April, 1pm - 3pm

29 April, 10am - 3pm

Johnnie Dady

The Cardboard Piano Shop

LOCATIONS 265 St Vincent St; HQ; Shopfront at Black Diamond Hotel, Commercial St


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The sound of cardboard pianos in the moonlight.

James Geurts

Bridge Drawing Water

TIME 7.30pm Sunday 29th April,

LOCATION Birkenhead Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf east. BRING AN UMBRELLA!


LOCATION Harts Mill Ramp
TIME announced on the day via this website

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We breathe 16 kilograms of air each day.


Breathing in the world, breathing back into the world … lungs knowing the collective breath.


The opening of a large bridge to let a man row a long-oared rowboat slowly though. A depth-sounder draws the floor of the sea – the path of the rowboat, the oars draw the sound of the water passing.

Julie Henderson

Continuous Wave: Forms for a Dialogue
Proposition 1: dock
Proposition 2: shed
Proposition 3: shack
Proposition 4: swamp

TIMES 8pm Thursday 26 April Saturday 21st April, Friday 27 April, Sat 28 April 4-7pm

Thursday 26th 4-9pm & Sunday 29th April 8pm performance. BRING AN UMBRELLA!


1. DVD installation at HQ 111 Lipson St

2. DVD installation inside door of boatshed near radio shack

3. CD sound installation in radio shack corner of Todd and Divett St

4. Performance on dock adjacent to the radio shack, site of old shed 5 - look for two lights


download catalogue map

The work is ponderous and slow –the labour of communication-especially listening. Perhaps the work is impossible or perhaps it is already there and I just need to notice its formation among other things. I am in the space of the swamp, the dock, the boat-builder and the amateur radio club and I’m localizing and taking small opportunities to meet them. I’m in their place – it is an open shape with details that we inhabit together for now.

Their hut may be razed anytime soon like the nearby boat sheds. They resist in small ways … like the water.

I record their voices, radio transmissions, interference and continuous wave and I’m still trying to understand how it all happens. I’m not so good on the tech stuff but they try to teach me anyway – it’s their know-how. Unlike a switch mechanism, it will not be hurried.

Last night D told me that he can trust a radio conversation because you can always tell a pirate by the sound of his voice.


Many thanks: Judith Creighton, Joe Felber, Lisa Harms, Harry Hillard, Erol Hobbs, Don Hobbs, Ric Hutchings, George Lindop, Dean Munday, Gary Stephens, George & Joan Wild, Linda Marie Walker, Stephen Loo, Bridget Currie and artists in There forever, Teresa Crea, and the staff at the Port Visitor Information Centre 


Teri Hoskin

B Part Renaissance

TIME daybreak and sunset 21-28 April and online twenty four hours, seven days a week


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Each day at daybreak and dusk from 21-28th April, the worker will travel (by foot, car, train) from home in Adelaide to pre-figured locations in Port Adelaide.


Each location will be the POP (point of perception). The worker will take images, write, and record sound — from rather than of each site.


The files (images, movs) and field-notes will be sent (posted) twice in 24 hours to the B Part Renaissance website (9days).

The guiding question is ‘What else is life for?’ As a field-study B Part Renaissance values the role useless knowledge plays in the minute, everyday of life.


Yhonnie Scarce

Fanny Graham

LOCATION Visitors Information Centre, 66 Commercial Road, Port Adelaide

TIME Sunday 22 April - Friday 27 April, 10am - 3pm; Saturday 28 April, 1pm - 3pm, Sunday 29 April, 10am - 3pm

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Fanny Graham was born in 1925, Point Pearce Christian Mission north west of Adelaide on the Yorke Peninsula.


Her vices were alcohol, cigarettes and BEX powders. She moved around South Australia with her husband and five children often living in Ardrossen, Oodnadatta, Oldea, Pimba, Point Pearce and Port Adelaide.


Whilst living at Pimba Station crossing Fanny passed away aged 42 years, she is buried at Point Pearce settlement in an umarked grave....yet to be found.

Jess Wallace


LOCATION Headquarters

TIME HQ opening times (see above); Thursday 26 April, 9pm. The optimium time to see the work is night-time so if you'd like to arrange another time email the curator, Linda.Walker @

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Inside the building at #111 Lipson Street a boy-hood dream plays out on the ceiling of an empty room.

a floating object, orange. a warning. the foreign shape of this buoy calls out. like an inflatable siren. an invitation. out of bounds.


“any person or persons found on, riding by, making fast to, or running foul of any buoy … will be proceeded against, under the provisions of the Marine Board Act”. (R.H. Ferguson, President of the Marine Board,1869)


for generations, kids have been swimming in the Port River. regardless.


Buoyancy – a screening of an underwater scene from today, of Port Adelaide b(u)oys, circa 1869.

Jess Wallace thanks Angus, Cody, Conna, Jake, Morgan, William, Carey Harmer (underwater camera), Michael Yeun (sound), Corey Dodd, Lee Gordon,Grant Watkins, Maritime Constructions and the National Library of Australia.


Angela Valamanesh

New Metaphors

TIME & LOCATION Gaff Studio basement, 25 Divett Street, Pt Adelaide
Opening Saturday 21st April at 4-6pm. 21-28th April 11-4pm, closed Monday & Tuesday

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The mangrove sites around Port Adelaide (Grey Mangrove) are almost invisible. While they must have once been prolific coastal plants they are now isolated in small pockets. These are fortunately guarded as significant plants by Department of Fisheries & Environment.


I’ve been wondering why mangroves are of interest to me as a visual artist. I think it’s that they are plants that live in both water and land and have characteristics which visually link them to human and animal life.


This relates to my recent studio work which explores visual connections between plants, animals and humans. The pheumatophores or aerial roots of mangroves grow upwards above the low tide level to allow the plants to breathe.

Thanks to Peter Johnson at Gaff Studio/Gallery, Divett Street, Port Adelaide.


Michael Yuen

Flash. Port Adelaide, Australia, 22 April 2007, 8:02 pm

LOCATION the Lighthouse

TIME 8.02pm Sunday 22 April

download catalogue map

Flash Port Adelaide, Australia, 22 April 2007, 8:02 pm is a new ephemeral public work by Michael Yuen. At this place and time: a large flash of light and burst of sound.


For a brief moment, light and sound will saturate the surrounding region. The point of origin will be the Port Adelaide Lighthouse.

Michael Yuen thanks the South Australian Maritime Museum for their assistance. Yhonnie Scarce thanks Anne Hall at the Port Adelaide Information Centre.



colours: sea 1, shallower water, breadbasket2, sportsfield, rust3; background image: Teri Hoskin, 'Hat choices' One And All rope and chain trace with mondo element; Celestial map (here the download link) from the Australian trade and shipping website in the Holidays sub-menu