there is nO vOid Ø a hOle is simply a site of a more rarified matter matermammammO       half set jelly s lips red rosy ()void e l o n g a t e d containing dozens of white liPPed lichens large as dinner plates attatched to damp trunks. The guests applaud and tip the waitress up on table tops. Pound finely. Put in Pots. Cover with a layer of lard.   Abait - faim is a hunger killer served during the early part of the meal, said to be substantial and femminently more elegant than potato     Desiree is no disguise     framedfroxenlocked     leprosy grows on a finger joint...quite unexpected. there are dermal surfaces in the body that u n f o l d in the embryo and crease again at     death

amnion wrapped a quickening place. whatever encloses enfolds is somehow related to death or to     the non     born.     pure protein clings retaining a....... . Grief is out of style. the loneliest of places: out of nothing something comes. stomach aches, re   minding _ re   membering existence. memory is a vapid thing:pushing the limits of   an   envelope. the floor is scumbled with debris. withheld grieving threatens to explode. tears tear. it's difficult to drive. the point at which a structure is at its weakest....the point at which the structure threatens to crack. the world sweeps