'SIGHTINGS UK' and 'SIGHTINGS AUSTRALIA' are documentary style videos featuring a range of people relating their encounters and often their time travelling experiences with Rosalind Brodsky.

The brief given to each participant was to relate an incident from a time and place in their own life during which they would be most likely to encounter Brodsky. (Each participant was familiar with the project so they all had a sense of where and when RB would be likely to turn up.)

It is then up to each participant to relate how they came to actually meet RB, what ensued and a description of a time travelling experience if it eventuated.

The resulting stories relate to historical events, music, alchemy, psychoanalysis, art, religion, politics, conspiracy theories and the everyday.

Participants in Sightings UK (60 mins) are:

TOP L-R: Andrew Renton - Writer/curator. Garry Grayson - Astrologer, analyst, ex-schoolteacher. Marek Kohn - Author of books on race theory and columnist for The Independent newspaper.
BOTTOM L-R: Yuko Shiraishi - Artist.
Susan Hiller - Artist. Sir Teo, aged 5.


Participants in Sightings Australia (90 mins) are:

TOP L-R: Akaash, Jyanni Steffensen - theorist. Alice. Ihor Holubizky - writer
CENTRE L-R: Larry - alchemist. Steve Wigg - artist. Yao Souchou - anthropologist. Angus Trumble - art historian.
BOTTOM L-R: Elizabeth Macgregor and Billy Crawford - curator and musician. Alice. Anna Waldmann - manager, Australia Council. Neena.