Rosalind Brodsky's Electronic Time Travelling Costume to go to London in the 1960s

London in the 60s is where Rosalind Brodsky goes for a drink and a chat after her gruelling analysis sessions with Freud, Jung, Klein and Lacan. Her favourite places are The French House and the Colony Rooms in Soho.

Brodsky voiceover from cd rom:

"Hi, here I am in Piccadilly Circus. It’s 1966 and I’m wearing my electronic time travelling costume which I made especially to go to the 1960s. I first made this costume so I could come here... ‘cos I reckoned it’d be a really good place to rehearse the songs for my band, late at night when everybody went home.

Then I started coming here because I needed to sell my whole series of feature vibrators in order to pay for my psychoanalysis and I reckoned that the 60s in London was probably the best place to sell them, but unfortunately none of the shops would take them and I had better luck in the 1980s.

It was also really great to come here after my gruelling psychoanalytic sessions, and go to some of the pubs, like in Soho, like the French House and the Colony Rooms and I’d always meet some really interesting people.

After I started seeing Lacan I used to wear it to Paris quite a bit, in the 60s, and that was really fun too. Then one time there was a photo of both of us in a french newspaper article. He refused to continue seeing me eventually because I took him off to the film set of Mary Poppins...and...I guess it was his first time travelling trip...and... it was a bit hard for him to deal with...and especially when he got bitten by the dog.

I have to visit quite a few film sets of the past for my research work at the Institute and we spent some time investigating the making of the James Bond films. I was sent to ‘From Russia with Love’, because of my interest in Eastern Europe.

In a way I find my visits to the 1960s quite similar to my trips to the Russian Revolution because, like, in those times there’s this amazing feeling of euphoria and hope for the future, but I guess that may just be, er, my nostalgic perspective...and in fact it was really crazy, one time I made a mistake and I wore my 60s costume to the Russian Revolution...I almost got myself locked up, but I managed to run off and escape and press my button just in time and get back to the Institute."




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