Rosalind Brodsky suffers from delusions, particularly in relation to fantasies of time travel.

Born in 1970, Brodsky is an artist/film-maker living and working in London. She has a part time job in the New Technologies and Multimedia department of a London art school. In her more delusional moments Brodsky believes herself to be working in the 21st century as a researcher ar the Institute of Militronics and Advanced Time Interventionality.

The Institute, IMATI, is working with virtual technologies which render the users' bodies invisible in their own time and space. The main function of IMATI is to develop virtual simulations of key moments in history. Researchers at the Institute then carry out simulated interventions/experiments within these virtual times/worlds.

The results of these ‘interactions’ are made available to the government, various market research companies and selected universities. Within academia there is heated controversy as to the relevance of this form of ‘anthropological’ research. During her time at the Institute it was uncertain as to whether Brodsky had discovered the secret of authentic time travel. If indeed she had, these secrets were not made available to other researchers at the Institute.

In 2058 Rosalind Brodsky died, leaving her costumes, her time travelling diary, her home in Bavaria and much of her research material and other paraphernalia to the Institute. The Institute, in gratitude to the wealth of Brodsky’s contribution to time travel research, organised the memorial tour you are about to embark upon today. As a result, careful study of the diary has revealed that Brodsky’s delusions were unleashed precisely on June 30th 1995, whilst on a summer holiday in Paris, during a preliminary session with the psychoanalyst, Julia Kristeva.

Rosalind Brodsky comes from a mixed background, part Anglo-Christian, part Eastern European Jewish. Brodsky fetishizes history. She becomes a necrophiliac invader of the spaces containing the deaths of her ancestors, through the priviledged violence of technology.

Brodsky has previously been quoted as saying,

"Sometimes I look for my ancestors in VR.
I dress up like them, how I think they dressed.
It's like a form of cross-dressing I guess."

Brodsky has also travelled in time to undergo analysis with Freud, Jung, Klein, Kristeva and Lacan, paid for with the profits from sales of her feature vibrators, album sales of her band, ‘Rosalind Brodsky and the Satellites of Lvov’ and her TV show, ‘Rosalind Brodsky’s Time Travelling Cookery Show’.

She has also made research trips to various film and TV sets of the 20th century.


IMATI voiceover from cd rom:


You are all here on this tour today to celebrate the life and times of Rosalind Brodsky.

Brodsky joined our organisation, as a young woman, in its inception in the early 21st century and was a seminal influence in terms of the development of our working methods and projects.

At the Institute we have been working with simulated forms of time travel for over 50 years in order to further human understandings of life on this planet during a period that has seen new settlements in other parts of our galaxy.

At times Brodsky suffered from work related stress and as a result appeared to lose touch with reality to the extent that she believed her virtual time travelling to be authentic.

However due to the nature of her findings the staff at the Institute became unsure as to whether Brodsky had in reality discovered the secret of time travel.

Many of us believe she had, but unfortunately all of her personal codes are indecipherable to us at present.

At the Institute she carried out major historical research into areas of film, TV, music, the history of psychoanalysis, the history of Eastern Europe, the Holocaust, the 1960s and the Russian Revolution. She also made several forays into the future where her special interest was food in relation to genetic engineering.

I ask you now to follow the blue flying saucer to the far side of this laboratory where we have enschrined her working study behind a memorial wall.

Please follow me."