new military-occult technologies for psychological warfare


Ministry of Defence

Secret Intelligence Service (SIS): official website

UK Security Service (MI5): official website Bletchley Park

The British Museum

Tavistock Institute quotes

Official FBI site


United States Military Academy at West Point

US Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command

Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Recruiting Fact Sheet

Fort bragg Fort Bragg TerraServer Imagery http://terraserver- rolina%7c

Fort Meade

Fort Meade TerraServer Imagery


Military use of mind control weapons, by Judy Wall

Investigative Report: Radio and US Military PSYOP

NATO and Strategic PSYOPS: Policy Pariah or Growth Industry? Steven Collins


Waco: The Inside Story

Information Clearing House: News you won¹t find on CNN

SRI International Remote Viewing/Mind Control

Russell Targ: remote viewing examples

The Research Work of Ingo Swann

PSI TECH Corporation

Mind to Mind, René Warcollier

The Soviet Art of Brainwashing

RKO Starlets, General MacArthur

The Hollywood Roots of the First Earth Battalion

Journal of Non-lethal Combat

Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha in Bewitched

Bewitched Theme Song

Bronze of Elizabeth Montgomery in Salem

1164 Studio Set

Jimmy Page Online

Led Zeppelin sites

Peeping Tom (film)

BBC News: Millbank Tower

Great Towers of the World

US Grand Lodge, Ordo Templi Orientis

The Ordo Templi Orientis and the CIA

Thule Sweden

Rundflugzeug VRIL

MGM: Stargate Atlantis

Official website of Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Warner Hollywood Studios

Nationmaster: Mussorgsky

YBRP Night on Bald Mountain

Bald Mountain Childhood Chapter 2

Chernobyl NPP (Ukraine)

Chernobyl Dec 1999

Disney Archive/Chernobog Villains History


Demonstration of Voice-FM Silent Sound Device


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