Research Project - #4387: HEXEN 2039

During an assignment at the US Military Academy, West Point, on the Hudson River, Brodsky uncovers material which leads her to the sets of MGM's 'The Wizard of Oz' (1939) and Disney's 'Fantasia' (1940) both of which incorporate in their soundtracks Russian composer, Modest Mussorgsky's 'Night on Bald Mountain' (1860).
"Bald Mountain", refers to Mount Triglaf in Ukraine which according to pagan tradition is the gathering place of Satan and his followers. Here on Walpurgis Night the creatures of evil gathered to worship their master. Walpurgisnacht is celebrated on April 30-May 1 at the Hexentanzplatz (witches dancefloor) above the Harz Mountain town of Thale in Germany, from where the witches fly at midnight to the neighbouring mountain of Brocken, site of the world's first TV tower.
The Ukrainian town and nuclear reactor Chernobyl derives its name from the Chernobog (black god of death) and the Bylebog (representative of the forces of good) both of which are mythological creatures of the Slavonic pagan dualist belief system. Mussorgsky was inspired by these myths and in 1940 the animator Vladimir Tytla brought the Chernobog to life in the film Fantasia.
Brodsky uncovers links between these phenomena and geographical locations and the development of invasive neural weaponry; from Soviet "brainwashing" to US Psychological Operations (PsyOps).
Following investigations into conspiracy theories surrounding the global activities of certain occult groups, alongside data retrieved from the archives of British Intelligence agencies MI5 and MI6, Brodsky develops new theories on potential uses of audio hypnosis in determining the future.
The research takes her eventually to a sound studio in Hollywood, to Reactor 3 in Chernobyl, Ukraine and finally to the TV transmitter above Stalin's Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, the birth place of Hollywood film producer, Samuel Goldwyn, whose early film company was incorporated to form MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer).

The results of Hexen 2039 were utilised by the British Ministry of Defence (MOD) in the further development of mass audio-hypnosis technologies between 2040 - 2045.

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