new military-occult technologies for psychological warfare


Man from Ministry of Defence - Anthony Reynolds

Elizabeth Magill - secretary to man from the Ministry of Defense
Rachel Withers - secretarial assistant

Props on desk:

Stargate dvd, Armada magazines, BDEC vol 1989, occult chalices, various electronic and military magazines and brochures.


Phonecall 1:
(Anthony picks up the phone and makes a call.

Is that West Point U.S. Military Academy?

Sorry, it's a bad line, ...Benedict?

Benedict, I need some files on General Douglas MacArthur.

Around 1938, 39, ...he may have hired out the tower to MGM for a location shoot.

It's important.

Ok, sounds good, I'll be here till around 7pm London time.

You too.

Phonecall 2:
( The phone rings, Anthony picks up. It's Joe from the Ministry.)

Sir, yes, I see.

Elizabeth, can you give me a moment?

Can you download Mussorgsky's 'Night on Bald Mountain'? That's M U S S O R G S K Y, 1860 - ideally the recording on the album of the original Oz soundtrack

...and get it tested for anything on the low or high frequency ranges.

Get Russell to test it first thing.

What's that?

If nothing shows up we'll have to get hold of the originals from the studios?


Metro Goldwyn Mayer.

I know.


Yup, ok.


Phonecall 3:
(Anthony picks up the phone and makes a call.)


He kept an independent sound studio.


From 1922 onwards

No, he never was part of MGM, that was a phurphy.

yes, I realise that.


Fantasia, that was RKO, Radio Keith Orpheum.

John suggested we look into the technology they developed.



yes, Fantasound, it was so complex it could only play in a few theatres.


Phonecall 4:
(Phone rings, Anthony picks up.)

West Point was built by a Pole?

No I didn't know that.




Stargate, how are we going on that?


What's that about?

Dee? The alchemist?

I think so, at school perhaps.



So how much of this occult stuff are we going to get our hands dirty with?

 It's part of the OrdoTtempli Orientis?


Right ok, of course we'll see what we can do.

Uhuh, Brandenburg.


No, not the music, the place, its near Berlin.


Can do.

Vril discs.

Are you kidding me Joe?

Of course I've heard of Wernher von Braun.

Oh no, not Crowley again, please. I thought we'd been there done that.

Swedish car racks, are you serious?

I'm thinking of the old US radar station at Thule, is there a connection with that?


I'll send her, she likes California.

Rachel can stay here with me.

She's investigating the descendents of the Vril Society in Temple Fortune.

North London.

(Anthony turns to Elizabeth)

'Elizabeth, can you book yourself a flight to LA, you're going to Pasadena to investigate a derelict garden shack belonging to...

What did you say he was?

(to Elizabeth)

A former US rocket scientist...

and what else was that...?

(to Elizabeth)

And a leader in tantric sex magic...

oh, he blew himself up, I'm sorry to hear that.


Parsons, Yes I'm sure, handsome.





Right away.

Phonecall 4:
(Anthony picks up the phone and makes a call.)

Warburg Institute?

Can you put me through to Charles?

He's not in?




Why not.


Ian, good afternoon, it's the Ministry of Defense speaking.

We'd like a moment of your time.


We need to come over and take a look at something in your collection.

It's the Gerald Yorke Scrapbook.

Tomorrow at 11...?


Yes I do.



Not a problem.

Phonecall 5:
( Anthony picks up the phone and makes a call.)

It's in Fantasia.

The same piece.

Bald Mountain.


Ralph checked it out.



Maybe something in the adjacent ultrasonic frequency spectrum.

He's not sure how absolute he can be on this.


It's in the chernobog scene.

The electromagnetic emissions might be significant.


An evil mythological creature.


To do with Chernobyl?

Not necessarily.

(Anthony consults a file)

Yes, it's a derivation.Mount Triglaf.

Right, yes we do.

Brocken, it's a mountain in the middle of Germany.

After the GDR period?

Oh right.

They have a TV tower there?

The Berlin Olympic games?

That was 1936 wasn't it?

I see, the first.


But it says the Soviet installations were removed in 1994.

 It's just a place for Goethe fans nowadays.


Is this really necessary?

I think we should focus on the US programs, the decommissioned stuff.

I think they're still at it.


I see.

But look I can't do it until next week.


What about Joe.

I'll take Elizabeth.


(Anthony unfolds a large map on the desk)

So these towers are positioned...


Perhaps not.

Phonecall 6:
( The phone rings, Anthony picks up. Its Elsa from MI6)


Joe is getting all the occult material frequency tested.

We still need some more facts, some locations.

Co-ordinates are important.

The numerologist says so.

It's that Hebrew system.



They are using it in the States.


The loudspeakers?

We canĠt use them any more.

We need a remote system.

Of course.


That's the whole point of the operation.

Just tell that to MI6.

They aren't being very smart.




Phonecall 7:
( The phone rings, Anthony picks up. It's Joe from the Ministry)

How long do we have?

WeĠll look ridiculous.

We need to find out what they were doing before that.

Or it won't add up.



Do you think we're already being manipulated?

Wrrrrrrr... we could already be mind-controlled by Aldebarian aliens...


Ha ha very amusing.

The Thule link didn't come through, can you send it again?


I don't think Maia is telling the truth.




Phonecall 8:
(Anthony picks up the phone and makes a call. To higher authority.

We'll send Joe to Fort Meade.

He can check out that cabin, if it's still around.



I don't see the point, the whole place is about woolly jumpers and crumpets for tea.

And tha''s all I care about.


What's that got to do with anything?



Yup, can do.

And I'll send Benedict down to Maryland.

Elizabeth, we're going down to the New Forest with Joe.

Can you get the wagon ready?

Phonecall 9:
(The phone rings, Anthony picks up. It's Jo from the Ministry)

The Science Museum?

The Dee Crystal?

No I don't draw.

Sorry, yes I can take Elizabeth.

I'm not sure what weĠre supposed to gain from this exercise.



That was MGM ... 1994.

Sorry you brought that up before.


Right, the US program of the same name.


Decommissioned a year later...

Is that so?


Not necessarily.

Yes I received the microphone

(takes the microphone out of a drawer and holds it up to observe it)

The lab says its late 1930s early 40s, may have been used in Fantasia.

They're still getting the test results through.

First thing tomorrow we'll know if it was a carrier.

Phonecall 10:
(Anthony picks up the phone calls Joe at the Ministry)


We opened a pathway.

A subject entering Westminster tube station.

That's right.

He took the carrier signal and turned round.

He just entered the MOD by the underground parking ramp.

Ralph was instructed to let him pass into the Ministry.

He should be coming into my office anytime now.



He's converting as we speak.


Not sure.

Yes Joe.

I see him now.



Text screens:

All collected psychic frequencies are analysed through inverse electroencephalographic equipment to identify and convert them into a range of psychic brainwave signal clusters. In the next stage these clusters are developed and reproduced to form nonaurally transmittable frequency groups.


Transmissions are test broadcast to target the temporal lobes of a subject, opening up receptivity to specified psychic experiences. Opening these pathways in this specific manner, allowing penetration of piggybacked material in the form of nonaural information or radiated imagery, is intended to produce temporary or permanent changes in the electrochemistry of the neurons and in some cases genetic alterations to synaptic plasticity.

The results of HEXEN 2039 are utilised by the British Ministry of Defense (MOD) in the development and delivery of a range of non lethal weapons between 2040 and 2045.



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