new military-occult technologies for psychological warfare


Member of The Russian Society for BioPsychiatry (RSBP) – Maia Naveriani


Shortly after the Russian Revolution Ivan Pavlov was a guest of V.I. Lenin at the Kremlin, where he was instructed to apply the results of his experiments with animals to humans.

Pavlov's research on experimental neurosis involved the induction of psychological breakdown through deliberate application of intolerable stress. This was achieved by conditioning reactions and then subverting them, over and over again. Eventually this caused in the subject a complete reversal of beliefs, a state of extreme suggestibility and a radical personality change.

These results are similar to feelings and experiences of religious conversion, guilt and fear combined with high levels of excitation and psychic release which leads to irrational behaviour patterns.

For the complete success of the Revolution Lenin intended to apply Pavlov's new conditioning techniques to the Russian people and then the Chinese, then the Central European republics and finally the rest of the world.

Soviet brainwashing techniques were used extensively during the Stalinist period….in particular during the Moscow Show Trials of the Great Purge, from 1936 to 1938, to extract confessions of guilt from Stalin’s political opponents. The defendants were accused of conspiring with the western powers to assassinate Stalin and other Soviet leaders, to dismember the Soviet Union and to restore capitalism. The Moscow Trials are today universally acknowledged as show trials in which the verdicts were predetermined using extorted confessions.

In Hungary there is the interesting 1948 case of Cardinal Josef Mindszenty who was brainwashed in a so called 'magic room' in the Hungarian State Interrogation Centre. This magic room was an irregularly shaped room with oval doors, rotating lights, moving image projections, translucent dysfunctional furniture and a sloping bed which was impossible to sleep on. In the room were strange sounds alternating between music and tortured screams, meals were served at irregular times and victims were drugged and abused. The magic room was the most frightening workshop of Soviet mental destruction, like a kind of psychological atomic reactor.

The actual term 'brainwashing', however, was born during the Korean War. The term was coined by CIA operative Edward Hunter after US soldiers emerged from prisoner of war camps as, apparently, converted Communists.

The word itself, according to Hunter, is a translation of the Chinese concept of xi-nao or hsi-nao, a colloquial rendering of szu-hsiang-kai-tsao which translates as 'thought reform' and the origin of this word is much older than Communism.

It was after Korea that the U.S. began in earnest its own experiments in mind control to counter the perceived Soviet and Chinese advances in Brainwashing techniques... projects such as Operation Bluebird and MKULTRA which we knew about.

The U.S. behaviour control experiments, unlike those we conducted in the Soviet Union, included extensive use of drugs such as LSD and mescaline on military staff and on unwitting civilian participants. They also involved sending electronic signals to alter brain functioning… experiments with magic and graphology, hypnotic agent programming, subliminal peception and other 'Black psychiatry' techniques.

One could surmise that the infiltration of drugs into the civilian population was largely responsible for the rise of the countercultural movement in America, which in turn was responsible, initially, through Jim Channon of the First Earth Battalion, and the psychic abilities of the New York artist Ingo swann, for the cause of further experiments in psychic warfare by the US military, such projects as the CIA funded ‘Remote Viewing’ program at Stanford Research Institute in Califormia and at Fort Meade in Maryland, where trained psychic spies attempted to use remote viewing to identify and draw the locations of missile silos, submarines, POWs, and MIAs.

From the mid 90s the US closed down the remote viewing program and concentrated on its psychological operations command programs, because in 1992 a man named Oliver Lowery had come to the attention of the US military. Lowery had discovered a new and advanced way of attaching intelligence to high and low frequencies for inducement into the brain. The Americans used this technology broadcasting through loudspeakers in Afghanistan, in Panama, at the Waco siege in Texas, in Iraq and at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

For some time we had already been using these technologies, but transmitted remotely, we were broadcasting from TV towers in Moscow, Warsaw, Berlin, BrockeN... and later in the 90s when China built its towers we were all using these. We could piggyback mind control intelligence onto Tv frequencies far afield. I can’t say exactly how far.

But I'm telling you, what the Americans forgot about was the para science, in their excitement with the sound technologies they left behind their psychic research.

We in Russia, and with the Chinese, we put the two together.

In the 1980s Michael Persinger, an interdisciplinary behavioural neuroscientist, investigated the neuropsychological base of God beliefs through the systematic application of complex electromagnetic fields, to discern the patterns that will induce these kind of experiences.

Persinger's research has been encouraged by the historical fact that most wars and group degradations are coupled implicitly to god beliefs and to the presumption that those who do not believe the same as the experient are somehow less human and hence expendable.

Apart from a small grant in 1983 from the US Navy, the Americans showed no interest in these experiments.

For some time we have been able to combine para-scientific and neuro-sonic technologies to first stimulate the temporal lobes which are the psychic area of the brain of the subject and then go in with the mind altering frequencies, and we can do this remotely, from great distance.

But more importantly whilst the Americans are still playing around with their loud speakers, changing behaviour, we are changing beliefs, at a fundamental level.


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