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Aleister Crowley - Richard Grayson


(edited from the Manifesto of the OTO 1919 )

Peace, Tolerance, Truth;
Salutation on All Points of the Triangle;
Respect To the Order.

To All Whom It May Concern: Greeting and Health.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The O.T.O. is a body of initiates in whose hands are concentrated the wisdom and the knowledge of the following bodies:

1. The Gnostic Catholic Church.
2. The Order of the Knights of the Holy Ghost.
3. The Order of the Illuminati.
4. The Order of the Temple (Knights Templar).
5. The Order of the Knights of St. John.
6. The Order of the Knights of Malta.
7. The Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre.
8. The Hidden Church of the Holy Graal.
9. The Hermetic Brotherhood of Light.
10. The Holy Order of Rose Croix of Heredom.
11. The Order of the Holy Royal Arch of Enoch.
12. The Antient and Primitive Rite of Masonry (33 degrees).
13. The Rite of Memphis (97 degrees).
14. The Rite of Mizraim (90 degrees).
15. The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Masonry (33 degrees).
16. The Swedenborgian Rite of Masonry.
17. The Order of the Martinists.
18. The Order of the Sat Bhai, and many other orders of equal merit, if of less fame.

It does not include the A.á.A.á., with which august body it is, however, in close alliance.
It does not in any way infringe the just privileges of duly authorized Masonic Bodies.

The dispersion of the original secret wisdom having led to confusion, it was determined by the Chiefs of all these Orders to recombine and centralize their activities, even as white light, divided in a prism, may be recomposed.

It embodies the whole of the secret knowledge of all Oriental Orders; and its chiefs are initiates of the highest rank, and recognized as such by all capable of such recognition in every country in the world.

In more remote times, the constituent originating assemblies of the O.T.O. included such men as: Fohi , Hippolytus, Laotze, Merlin, Siddartha, Arthur, Krishna, Titurel, Tahuti, Amfortas, Ankh-f-n-khonsu, Percivale, Herakles, Mosheh, Orpheus, Odysseus, Vergilius, Mohammed, Catullus, Hermes, Martialis, Pan, Apollonius Tyanaeus, Dante, Simon Magus, Carolus Magnus, Manes, William of Schyren, Basilides, Frederick of Hohenstaufen, Valentinus, Roger Bacon, Bardesanes, Jacobus, Burgundus Molensis, King Wu, Ko Hsuen, Christian Rosenkreutz, Osiris, Ulrich von Hutten, Melchizedek, Paracelsus, Khem, Michael Maier, Menthu, Jakob Boehme, Johannes Dee, Francis Bacon, Sir Edward Kellym, Andrea, Thos. Vaughan, Robertus de Fluctibus, Elias Ashmole, Chau, Comte de Chazal, Saturnus, Sigismund, Bacstrom, Dionysus, Molinos.

And recently:
Wolfgang von Goethe, Friedrich Nietzsche, Sir Richard Payne Knight, Hargrave Jennings, Sir Richard Francis Burton, Karl Kellner, Forlong Dux, Eliphas LŽvi, Ludovicus Rex Bavariae, Franz Hartmann, Richard Wagner, Cardinal Rampolla, Ludwig von Fischer, Papus (Dr. Encausse).

The names of women members are never divulged.

It is not lawful here to disclose the name of any living chief.

It was Karl Kellner who revived the exoteric organization of the O.T.O. and initiated the plan now happily complete of bringing all occult bodies again under one governance.

The letters O.T.O. represent the words Ordo Templi Orientis (Order of the Temple of the Orient, or Oriental Templars), but they have also a secret meaning for initiates.

The Order is international, and has existing branches in every civilized country of the world.

The aims of the O.T.O. can only be understood fully by its highest initiates; but it may be said openly that it teaches Hermetic Science or Occult Knowledge, the Pure and Holy Magick of Light, the Secrets of Mystic attainment, Yoga of all forms, Gnana Yoga, Raja Yoga, Bhakta Yoga and Hatha Yoga, and all other branches of the secret Wisdom of the Ancients.

In its bosom repose the Great Mysteries; its brain has resolved all the problems of philosophy and of life.

It possesses the secret of the Stone of the Wise, of the Elixir of Immortality, and of the Universal Medicine.

Moreover, it possesses a Secret capable of realizing the world-old dream of the Brotherhood of Man.

It also possesses in every important centre of poĜulation a hidden Retreat (Collegium ad Spiritum Sanctum) where members may conceal themselves in order to pursue the Great Work without hindrance.

These houses are secret fortresses of Truth, Light, Power and Love, and their position is only disclosed under an oath of secrecy to those entitled to make use of them.

They are also temples of true worship, specially consecrated by Nature to bring out of a man all that is best in him.

The O.T.O., although an Academia Masonica, is not a Masonic Body so far as the 'secrets' are concerned in the sense in which that expression is usually understood; and therefore in no way conflicts with, or infringes the just privileges of, the United Grand Lodge of England, or any Grand Lodge in America or elsewhere which is recognized by it.

Application for admission to the Order may be made personally at headquarters, between the hours of Ten A.M. and Twelve Noon on week-days, or by letter to the Grand Secretary General.


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