new military-occult technologies for psychological warfare


Also researched are manifestations of witchcraft across Europe and the U.S. On eBay the locations of related contemporary and historical artefacts are identified and their geographical and taxonomic relationships are mapped.

During the early stages of Hexen2039 our emphasis was on investigations into international contemporary witchcraft.
Our intention was to analyse contemporary occult ritual objects and map geographical locations in order to extract data for use in non-lethal military equipment design and operations.

Within the UK research trips were made to Brockenhurst and Burley in the New Forest and Hexham in Northumberland.



GRAPHITE/Set of 'Bewitched' 1964-72, ABC Television, USA

GRAPHITE /¹Theme Music from 'Bewitched,
Columbia Music Inc., Howard Greenfield, Jack Keller

Sybil Leek
Burley, New Forest, UK
Burley, New Forest, UK
Burley, New Forest
New Forest witches
Salem Witch Trials Memorial
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