new military-occult technologies for psychological warfare


Origins of Soviet brainwashing: Shortly after the Revolution Ivan Pavlov was a guest of V.I. Lenin at the Kremlin, where he was instructed to apply the results of his experiments with animals to humans. Pavlov's research on experimental neurosis involved the induction of psychological breakdown through deliberate application of intolerable stress, resulting in reversal of beliefs, extreme suggestibility and radical personality change. These are similar to feelings and experiences of religious conversion, guilt and fear combined with high levels of excitation and psychic release, leading to irrational behaviour. For the complete success of the Revolution Lenin would apply Pavlov's new conditioning techniques to the Russian people and then the Chinese, the Central European republics and finally the rest of the world. Soviet brainwashing was used during the Moscow Show Trials between 1936 - 1938 by Stalin to extract confessions of guilt. In Hungary there is the interesting 1948 case of Cardinal Josef Mindszenty who was brainwashed in a so called 'magic room' in the Hungarian State Interrogation Centre.

GRAPHITE /Rasputin und der Flügeladjutant des Zaren,
Oberst Loman und Fürst Putjatin

DIAGRAM/Mind Control (detail)

Remote viewing drawing/Rasputin and Pavlov

Remote viewing drawing/Magic Room, Hungarian State Interrogation Centre, 1937

DIAGRAM/Mind Control (detail)

Soviet Brainwashing - Korean War

Soviet Brainwashing - further info


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