new military-occult technologies for psychological warfare
a Rosalind Brodsky research programme


In 1995 Suzanne Treister created the fictional alter ego Rosalind Brodsky, a delusional time traveller who believes herself to be working at the Institute of Militronics and Advanced Time Interventionality (IMATI) in the twenty-first century.

Consisting of drawings, interventions, a film, a website, a book and an event, HEXEN2039 charts Brodsky's para-scientific research towards the development of new mind control technologies for the British Military.

HEXEN 2039 uncovers/constructs links between conspiracy theories, occult groups, Chernobyl, witchcraft, the US film industry, British Intelligence agencies, Soviet brainwashing, behaviour control experiments of the US Army and recent practices of its Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command (PSYOP), in light of alarming new research in contemporary neuroscience.


HEXEN 2039 was originally shown across 5 London venues in 2006 including Chelsea Space, the Science Museum, the Warburg Institute, the British Museum, the Goethe Institute and Ognisko Polskie.

HEXEN 2039 was later shown around the UK and internationally in different forms.

HEXEN 2039 website
(online version of the project with full narrative, all images and remote links)

HEXEN 2039 Press and tour information

CHELSEA space Drawings, Archives

Ognisko Polskie
Goethe-Institut Intervention
Science Museum Intervention - Cabinet H30, 5th Floor
British Museum Room 1 / 6, Enlightenment: Religion and Ritual, case 20 (Magic, Mystery and Rites)
Warburg Institute Video Screening (HEXEN2039 movie info)
New Art Gallery Walsall, UK Drawings, Archives, Video
Skolska 28 Prague, Czech Republic Wall Drawings, Archives, Video
Kunstverein Langenhagen, Germany Large Drawings, Video, Photographs

Remote links to other HEXEN 2039 venues:
Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany
FILE, Galeria de Arte do SESI, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Basekamp, Philadelphia, USA
City Lights, San Francisco, USA

'HEXEN 2039 new military-occult technologies for psychological warfare'
Black Dog Publishing

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