new military-occult technologies for psychological warfare

HEXEN 2039 Equipment designs for non lethal weapons

Equipment Design *4386x#

HexenPsyOps 1 - Temporal Electroencephalographic Extractor
Function: For extraction of psychic/hypnotic frequencies from artefacts/events - used primarily on occult artefacts/events in the past

Equipment Design *4387x#

HexenPsyOps 2 - Electroencephalographic Current Converter
Function: For extracting and converting psychic frequencies emitted from graphite representations of key areas of HEXEN 2039 research, initially passing an electric current through the conductive graphite layer of each image

Equipment Design *4388x#

HexenPsyOps 3
Function: For analysis, identification and reproduction of psychic frequency clusters

Equipment Design *4389x#

HexenPsyOps 4
Function: For long range delivery of 'mind control' through remote psychic frequency transmission

Preliminary Design: Rosalind Brodsky
Research and Development: Varda Blum
Date: 2039-2045

Diagram/Hexen 2039 Equipment

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