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Radzyn Krellian

Name:_Radzyn_Krellian_Race:_True-Atlantean/Sea Titan




O.C.C./R.C.C.:Mind Melter/Ley Line Walker/Phase Mystic



I.Q.:........._25_.....Skill Bonus: +11%

M.E.:......._30_.....Save Vs. Psi./Ins.: +8_


P.S.:........_50_.....Damage Bonus: +35_

P.P.:........_28_.....Str/Parry/Ddg Bonus: +7_

P.E.:........_34_.....Coma/Dth, Psn Bns: +34%/+8_


Spd.:........_61_....Meters/Minute:1260 (41.59 mph)

Flying Spd.:_279_ Mph:_200_____________

                                                           Age:_20's (1612)___________Sex:_Male____

                                                           Height:_6' 10"_____________Weight:_255 lb._

                                                           Family Origin:_Clan Kreall____H.F.:_12_

                                                           Save vs. Lethal Poison:.................14......+8___

                                                           Save vs. Non-lethal Poison:..........16......+8___

                                                           Save vs. Harmful Drugs:...............15......+____

                                                           Save vs. Insanity:..........................12......+8___

                                                           Save vs. Psionics:.........................10......+8___

                                                           Save vs. Mind Control:...........................+1___

                                                           Save vs. Despair based attacks:..............+2___

                                                           Save vs. Possession:...............................+6___

                                                           Save vs. Charm:......................................+1___

                                                           Save vs. Spell Magic:...................12.......+14__

                                                           Save vs. Ritual Magic:..................16.......+14__

                                                           Save vs. Illusion:......................................+1___

                                                           Bonus vs. Horror Factor:.........................+14__

                                                           Bonus vs. Coma/Death:...........................+34%







Hand to Hand

Type:_Kendo (15)___

No. of Attacks:_10__



Parry:+12 (13 w/sword or staff)

Dodge:+11 (Automatic)


Break Fall:+3______


Pull Punch:+10____



Rpunch:_1D6x10 S.D.

Npunch:_6D6 M.D._

Ppunch:2D4x10 M.D.

Kick:_6D12 M.D.___

Jump Kick:2D8x10 M.D.



Knock Out:________

Critical Strike:_18+_

Death Blow:__X____


Paired Weapons:+1s


by location:



R. Arm(50%):_178____

L. Arm(50%):_178____

R. Leg(75%):_267_____

L. Leg(75%):_267_____

Body Armor:




R. Arm(30%):________

L. Arm(30%):________

R. Leg(60%):_________

L. Leg(60%):_________

                        Robot Combat


                        No. of Attacks:___






                        Break Fall:+________


                        Pull Punch:+_______







                        Jump Kick:_________










                        Main Body:________


                        R. Arm:____________

                        L. Arm:____________

                        R. Leg:_____________

                        L. Leg:_____________

                        ( ):____________

                        ( ):____________

                        ( ):____________

                        ( ):____________

                        ( ):____________




                                               Robot Combat


                                               No. of Attacks:_____






                                               Break Fall:+________


                                               Pull Punch:+_______







                                               Jump Kick:_________










                                               Main Body:_________


                                               R. Arm:_____________

                                               L. Arm:_____________

                                               R. Leg:______________

                                               L. Leg:______________

                                               ( ): ____________

                                               ( ): ____________

                                               ( ): ____________

                                               ( ): ____________

                                               ( ): ____________



                                                                       Vehicle Log


                                                                       No. of Attacks:_____


                                                                       Max. Speed:_____

                                                                       Max. Range:____





                                                                       Main Body:_____

                                                                       Tires( ):_______

                                                                       Pilot Comp.:_____



                                                                       Machine Gun:___









                                                                                              Snowboard (5 M.D.C.)_____

                                                                                              Steelcloth loose-fitting_____

                                                                                              robes (40 M.D.C.)_________

                                                                                              BG-15 Laser Pistol w/3 e-clips



BG-15 Laser

Pistol+6+4+01000'2D4 M.D.Standard

Weapon: StrikeThrowParryRangeDamageR.O.F.

Psi-Sword+13(+14) N/A+14up to 12'       16D6+41 M.D. Standard

Lightblade+13(+14) +10+146'1D4x10+45 M.D.


Fire Ball (Psi) N/A

6D6 M.D.


Phase BlastN/A200'3D6 S.D. or M.D.Standard

Fireblast (Sp)N/A50'3D6 M.D.2/melee, 2actions

Fire Ball (Sp)N/A90'4D4 M.D.2/melee, 2actions

Call Lightning(Sp)N/A300'4D6 M.D.2/melee, 2actions

Power Bolt (Sp)N/A2000'5D6+8 M.D.2/melee, 2actions

Sonic Blast (Sp)N/A20' rad4D6 M.D.






 1M Radio: Basic _5__ _96_




                                                                                          _1P Detect Ambush _5__ _76_

                                                                                          _1P Intelligence _4__ _65_

                                                                                          _1L Wilderness Survival _5__ _61_





                                                                                          1M Hand to Hand: Kendo

                                                                                          _1L Acrobatics: sense of balance _5__


                                                                                          Walk tightrope or highwire_3__ _83_

                                                                                          Climb rope _2__ _115_

                                                                                          Back flip _5__ _131_

                                                                                          3M Athletics

                                                                                          3M Body Bld. & Wgt Lifting

                                                                                          6M Boxing

                                                                                          _1L Climbing _5__ _93_

                                                                                          Rappelling _5__ _83_

                                                                                          1M Gymnastics: sense of bal. _5__ _121_

                                                                                          work parallel bars & rings _3__ _83_

                                                                                          climb rope _2__ _115_

                                                                                          back flip _5__ _131_

                                                                                          1L1P Prowl _5__ _91_

                                                                                          6M Running

                                                                                          _1L Swimming

                                                                                          _1P Wrestling

                                                                                          _1L Zero Grav. Move .& Com. _4__ _140_


 _1PBoat: Motor & Hydrofoils _5__ _81_

 _1PHorsemanship _4__ _73_

 _1LHover Craft _5__ _86_

 1M Jet Fighter _4__ _88_

 _1PRobot Combat Basic

 _1PRobot Combat Elite_Tengu__________

 1M Small Spacecraft _3__ _105_

 1M Space Fighter _3__ _90_

 _1PStarship _4__ _70_


                               PILOT RELATED:



                                                                                          _1L Astronomy _5__ _66_

                                                                                          1L1P Mathematics: Advanced _5__ _111_

                                                                                          1All Mathematics: Basic _5__ _176_


 _3LComputer Operation _5__ _66_

 1M Lang.:American____ _5__ _131_

 1M Lang.:Dragonese____ _5__ _131_

 1M Lang.:Greek______ _5__ _131_

 _1LLang.:Trade 2 (Tel.) _5__ _105_

 _1LLang.:Trade 1 (Anc.) _5__ _106_

 _x_Lang.:Trade 4 (Eng.) _5__ _131_

 _1PLang.:Promethean__ _5__ _130_

 _1PLang.:Trade 3 (wolfen)_5__ _130_

 _1PLang.:Trade 6(universal)_5__ _130_

 _1PLang.:Kreegor_____ _5__ _130_

 1M Lit.:American_____ _5__ _91_

 4M Lit.:Dragonese____ _5__ _76_

 _1LLit.:Greek_______ _5__ _66_

 _1PLit.:Promethean__ _5__ _66_

 _1PLit.:Kreegor_____ _5__ _66_

 _1PLit.:Trade 1 (Anc.) _5__ _66_

 _3LLore: D-Bee _5__ _51_

 _1LLore: Demons/Monsters _5__ _66_

 1M1PLore: Galactic/Alien _5__ _86_

 x1LLore: Magic _5__ _66_

 x1MLore: Psychic _5__ _86_


                               WEAPON PROFICIENCIES:

                               _1LW.P. Archery & Targeting +80'/+1p/+2s

                               1M W.P. Axe +4s/+2p/+3thr

                               _1PW.P. Blunt +1s/+1p

                               _1PW.P. Chain +1s

                               _1LW.P. Knife +1thr/+1s/+2p

                               1M1PW.P. Sword +4s/+4p

                               1M1PW.P. Energy Pistol +6a/+4b

                               1M1PW.P. Energy Rifle +6a/+4b

                               1M W.P. Hvy Energy Wps & Rail Guns


                               _1PW.P. Heavy Weapons +3a/+1b


                                                             1M1LLand Navigation _4__ _73_

                                                             _1P Track Animals _5__ _46_

                                                             _1L Wilderness Survival _5__ _61_






Special Abilities


1. Radiate nature: radiate emotional state by a weak form of empathic transmission (genuinely helpful/kind/concerned, genuinely sympathetic, happiness, positive, dislike, angry, mean &/or spiteful, vengeance, self-pity, fear, etc.). This ability is constantly on and has a range of 100' to other psychics and even non-psychics can sense it at a range of 12'.

2. Dreamvision: can speak with kindred spirits only (people like me, with same goals, alignment, general outlook on life or personality & feelings), by appearing to them in a dream & talking. This is actually a form of telepathic communication were both parties can converse freely, although it does happen in a dream and the dreamer never knows for sure if it was real. When the dreamer wakens he will remember that the dream was very vivid and will remember 5D6+70%.

3. Transform into energy beings: X N/A

4. Sense Supernatural Evil & Magic Energy: same as psi-hound. Can sense P.P.E. used as a spell, in magic devices, & large amounts in people (80+). The ability is automatic & constant. Can also sense a spell effect with duration longer than a melee and trace it to its source. 99% (+2%/level) of identifying the type/race of the supernatural being. 101%

(+5%/level) to track the psychic "scent", 105% (+3%/level) if the source is using magic. Sensing range is 800' (100'/level) if they are not using magic & 1700' (1000'+100'/level) if they are using magic. No I.S.P. is expended for this ability.

5. Extended Psionic Power: All sensitive psionics are at double range & duration & Psi-Sword is at double range, duration, & damage/effect.


Do not need to breathe, drink or eat to survive, immune to all normal poisons & toxins, supernatural physical attributes, regenerates 1D4x10 M.D.C./minute, & regrow lost limbs & organs in 4D6 hours. Can also survive ocean depths of 4000' below the surface.


Cannot be physically transformed by any means. Sense vampires: 1000', but cannot pinpoint the exact person. Recognize vampires by appearance at 150% (10%/level). Operate dimensional pyramids for purposes of healing, communication, teleportation, & dimensional teleportation: 116% (+5%/level). Sense ley lines & ley line nexuses, Sense Rifts, & Ley line Phasing the same as Ley Line Walker.


1. Sense ley line and magic energy: feel the presence of magic, automatic at no cost.

Sense ley line: 140 miles (near or far) can find the ley line at a skill of 111% (+5%/level).

Sense ley line nexus: can find the any nexus point on a ley line at a skill of 121% (+5%/level).

Sense Rift: will automatically sense any rift opening within 180 miles (+10 miles/level) can tell near or far and big or small.

Sense magic in use: in the form of a spell, rifting, or techno-wizardry can be felt, if not seen within 400' (100'/level), will not know the location but just that it's being used.

See magic energy: can see magic energy radiate from beings as long as 20+ P.P.E. are present, the ability is so acute that he can sense things/people made invisible by magic, including supernatural creatures, range is line of sight (approximately 1000').

2. Read Ley Lines: know what direction the ley line runs (& therefor his location; north, south, east, west, etc.), how long it runs, location of nexus points if any, if rifts are presently open on that ley line, if any major natural disasters are occuring on the ley line at the moment.

3. Ley Line Transmission: can send a verbal and/or a visual message directly along the ley line to another person on the ley line. One way transmission unless the recipient can Ley Line Transmit. Can be sent to 4 people (1 per level). There is a 20% chance that a telepath can sense that a transmission is being sent and a 31% chance that he can listen in on it, the Line Walker has no way to know if someone is easdropping.

4. Ley Line Phasing: can teleport along the ley line. Must put all of his concentration into the phasing. Takes 1D4 melees to initiate the phasing. Can teleport to any position on the ley line he desires but does not instill the ability to see what is happening there beforehand. Can only phase up to 4 times per hour and only 18 (+1 per level) times within a 24 hour period. Can only teleport himself and his possessions, & can only teleport along one ley line at a time.

5. Line Drifting: can open ones self up to the ley line and drift along it at spd. 10, and is very relaxing and requires no effort.

6. Ley Line Rejuvenation: can absorb the energy from a ley line & double the normal rate of healing. Must concentrate & relax on a ley line. Can perform an instant rejuvenation once per 24 hours: after about 10 minutes he is totally rested and alert and healed 4D6 M.D.C.

7. Ley Line Observation Ball: a globe of light about the size of a soccer ball (blue or white light) can be conjured and linked to the walker like a third eye. Can send it ahead or behind, and stays linked as long as the Walker stays within the ley line. S.D.C.: 4 (1 per level), range: 500', spd.: 33 (22 mph), +3 dodge, cannot harm anyone but can startle & distract them. Transmits whatever it sees and hears to the Walker.


Magic Resistance: generates a low level phase field around him that nullifies magic energies. Any spell that directly targets a phase mystic is negated. Spells that create energies that attack the target (call lightning, fireball, etc.) are not effected by the field & inflict full damage. Likewise, rune & other magic weapons do full damage. This power costs 5 I.S.P. per spell negated. Can choose not to resist.


Drawing P.P.E.: some magical artifacts can be drawn from, can steel from people and animals without their knowledge (they get a save of 12, and the mage can only steel half of the persons total), can draw from 8 targets (2 per level) at a range of 40' (10' per level), from willing targets the mage can take 70% of their total & an unlimited number of

targets can join hands and be drawn from 70% from all targets, impossible to draw from unwilling targets & to steel from a practitioner of magic.


                                                  Tattoos (14th Level)


Effect of Ley Lines and Nexus Points on Magic

Within 2 mile of a ley line: range & duration is +50%. At a ley line or within 1 mile of a nexus point: range, duration, & damage (capacity) are doubled & mage can draw 10 P.P.E. per level every 12 hours, & P.P.E. recovery is doubled. Within 200' of a nexus triples range, duration, & damage/effect, mage receives +2 vs. magic & horror factor & +1 to spell strength, can draw 30 P.P.E. per level every 6 hours, & P.P.E. recovery is x8. Available P.P.E. is doubled at super nexuses.


Protection from Vampires (15; heart impaled by wooden stake): duration: 15 hours (1 hour/level); impervious to the vampire turning bite, & mind control powers of vampire & other related species of undead.

Flaming Katana (10; katana covered in flames): duration is 225 minutes (15 minutes/level), damage is 3D6 M.D., length is

Invulnerability (40; heart in chains): duration is 150 minutes (10 minutes/level), M.D.C. is 1125 (75/level).

Armor of Neptune (; heart with trident):

Fly (20; heart with large wings): duration is 450 minutes (30 minutes/level), speed is 200 mph (+10/level), max height is 4000' above the ground.

Healing Super/Resurrection (124; Phoenix rising from the flames): duration: instant; range: 12'; can restore 50 H.P. & 50 S.D.C. or 100 M.D.C. and cure all types of common diseases, magic minor disorders, magic sickness, minor curse, & turn petrified victims back to flesh or it can be used to resurrect someone that has been dead no longer than 6 hours, bring them up to 3 H.P., restore/regenerate missing limbs & organs & completely heal al wounds without scarring.

The cost of resurrecting someone to the tattoo man is permanently loses 1D6 H.P.,2D6 P.P.E., & 1 P.E. each time it is used in this manner, however he will receive 1 point of M.A. permanently.


                                                 Psionics (8th level)


Effect of Ley Lines and Nexus Points on Psionics

Within 1 mile of a ley line: range & duration is +50%. Within 1 mile of a nexus point: range, duration, & damage (capacity) are doubled.



Psychic Diagnosis (4):

Psychic Purification (8):

Psychic Surgery (14):

Detect Psionics (6):

Exorcism (10):

Restore P.P.E. (4):



Impervious to Fire (4):

Nightvision (4):

Mind Block (4):

Alter Aura (Self) (2):

Teleport Object (10):

Teleport Self (24): 500'


Sensitive (double range & duration)

Astral Projection (8):

Presence Sense (4):

See the Invisible (4):

See Aura (6):

Sixth Sense (2):

Total Recall (2):

Telepathy (4):

Extended Telepathy (8):

Intuitive Combat (10):

Clairvoyance (4):



Bio-Manipulate (10):

Pyrokinesis (varies):

Telekinesis (10/100lbs):

  Telekinetic Acceleration Attack (10-20):

  Telekinetic Leap (8):

  Telekinetic Lift (6):

  Telekinetic Punch (6):

  Telekinetic Push (4):

  Levitation ():

Telemechanics (10):

Psi-Sword (double range/duration/damage) (30): duration: 80 minutes (10 minutes/level), damage: 16D6 M.D.

Telekinetic Force Field (30):

Psi-Shield (30): range: self, duration: 40 minutes (5 minutes/level), M.D.C.: 80

Mentally Possess Others (30):

Mind Bond (10):

Mind Wipe (special):

Psychic Body Field (30):

Telemechanic Mental Operation (12):

Telemechanic Paralysis (20):

Telemechanic Possession (50):

Hypnotic Suggestion (6):

Astral Golem (50+):

Mind Block Auto-Defense:


Mind Bleeder Powers

Bleed Memory (6/thought) - range: 4'/level; duration: instant;

                                          Phase Powers (2nd Level)


Effect of Ley Lines and Nexus Points on Psionics

Within 1 mile of a ley line: range & duration is +50%. Within 1 mile of a nexus point: range, duration, & damage (capacity) are doubled.

Anti-Phase (30): range: 160' (+20'/level); duration: instant;

D-Shift Distance (20): range: up to x10 or down to 1/10th; duration: instant;

Dimensional Leap (10): range: 120'; duration: instant;

Phase Blast (15): range: 300' (100'/level); duration: instant; damage: 3D6 S.D. or M.D.

Phase Field (25): range: self; duration: 3 minutes (1 minute/level); non-magic attacks do 1/10th damage, phase weapons, phase blast, magic attacks, magic weapons, & punches/kicks are not affected.

D-Phase (15) range: self; duration: 1 melee/level;

                                                    Spells (4th Level)

                                         1st-10th level spells cost two actions


Effect of Ley Lines and Nexus Points on Magic

Within 2 mile of a ley line: range & duration is +50%. At a ley line or within 1 mile of a nexus point: range, duration, & damage (capacity) are doubled & mage can draw 10 P.P.E. per level every 12 hours, & P.P.E. recovery is doubled. Within 200' of a nexus triples range, duration, & damage/effect, mage receives +2 vs. magic & horror factor & +1 to spell strength, can draw 30 P.P.E. per level every 6 hours, & P.P.E. recovery is x8. Available P.P.E. is doubled at super nexuses.


Level 1

Blinding Flash (1) range: 10' rad., 60'; duration: instant; save: standard; blinded 1d4 melees, -5 strike, -10 parry/dodge, 50% chance of falling every 10', no effect on bionic or cybernetic eyes.

Globe of Daylight (2) range: 30'; duration: 3 minutes/level; save: none; small globe of true daylight, 12' area/level, can move at spd. 12.

Thunderclap (4) range: 30' area, heard 1 mile; duration: instant; save: vs. horror factor 8; booming clap of thunder, +5 initiative, +1 strike/parry/dodge for caster.


Level 2

Concealment (6) range: 40'; duration: 5 minutes/level; save: standard; makes effected object unviewable by anyone not saving vs. magic, object can't be living and must be 14"x14"x6" or less and weigh 14 # or less, if object is used as a weapon or picked up the enchantment is cancelled.

.Mystic Alarm (5) range: 12', duration: 1 year/level; save: none; creates invisible ward-like symbols on any one, specific, non-living object, if anyone besides the caster touches the object and alarm is sounded in the caster mind no matter where he is, even in another dimension.

Turn Dead (6) range: 60'; duration: instant; save: standard; turn/repel 1D6 animated dead/level, creatures affected will immediately leave the area without harming the spell caster or anyone near him, they can not return for 24 hours, will only affect animated dead, not vampires, zombies, or corpse/skeleton being possessed.


Level 3

Armor of Ithan (10) range: touch; duration: 1 minute/level; save: none; invisible mystic force field/armor, 10 M.D.C./level, magic/fire/lightning/cold to * damage.

Impervious to Fire (5) range: 60'; duration: 5 minutes/level; save: none; normal or magical fire does no damage to person or to anything they are wearing.

Invisibility: Simple (6) range: self; duration: 3 minutes/level; save: none; person and everything on them become invisible, items picked up afterward remain visible, items dropped become visible, nightvision can not see them, infrared, thermal imaging, persons able to see invisible are able to see them, person still makes heard and felt as normal, mage can talk, move, and even attack as normal and remain invisible, caster can cancel

it at any time.

Magic Shield (6) range: self or other; duration: 2 minutes/level; save: none; pale white field of energy in the shape of a large round shield with 60 M.D.C., +1 parry, can try to parry projectiles and energy blasts but with no bonuses & at 3 to parry, take * damage from all attacks parried.


Level 4

Carpet of Adhesion (10) range: 30'/level; duration: 10 melees/level; save: standard; creates a sticky carpet 200 sq. ft., can be created on any surface even a person, failed save victim is stuck for the entire duration, successful save takes 2D6 melees to get free of the carpet.

Chromatic Protection (10) range: touch, 10';

Energy Field (10) range: 60', 8' area; duration: 1 minute/level; save: none; creates a semitransparent wall or bubble that shimmers with a blue-white light that provides 60 M.D.C. or protection, 120 M.D.C. at ley lines and 180 M.D.C. at ley line nexuses.

Fireblast (8) range: 50'; duration: instant; damage: 3D6 M.D.; save: dodge; shoots fire from hands, 1' wide & 50' long.

Magic Net (7) range: 60', 10' area; duration: 2 melees/level; save: dodge 16; creates a net made of magic can snare 1-6 human sized victims, normal weapons can not effect the net, M.D. weapons and magic are the only thing that can effect it, even then it takes 2 melees to cut or blast through.

Multiple Image (7) range: self; duration: 1 minute/level; save: -6 vs. magic; creates three identical images that mimic the caster, piercing an image with iron will dispel that image, caster is +2 initiative, +2 dodge, and +1 strike.

Sonar Hearing (10) range: self or 2 others by touch, 300'+100'/level;

Speak Underwater (10) range: self or 2 others by touch;


Level 5

Communicate with Sea Creature (10): range: 100', duration: 10 minutes/level,

Death Curse (none) range: 100 miles/level;

Domination (10) range: 4'; duration: 15 minutes/level; save: standard; the victim will act oddly, dazed, confused, slow, and unfriendly, the victim has one goal, to fulfill the command of the caster, the victims alignment does not apply, he will steal, lie, assist in crimes, kidnap, betray friends, reveal secrets, etc., the only thing that the victim will not do is commit suicide, inflict self-harm, or kill a friend, a good aligned or unprincipled can not be made to kill someone, actions are halved, speed is *, all skills are *, speech is low, and person seems distracted, successful save means no effect, effects of domination can not be faked, does not effect persons in M.D.C. body armor, robots, or vehicles.

Energy Disruption (12) range: 60'; duration: 3 minutes/level; save: none; will temporarily knockout, stop, or immobilize, any electrical device, includes automobiles, computers, radios, surveillance cameras, sensors, appliances, entire fuse boxes, batteries, electric alarm systems, etc., the devices are not harmed but simple will not function, can not effect M.D.C. or power armor, robots, or military vehicles.

Escape (8) range: 5'; duration: instant; save: none; caster magically escapes any bonds or opens any locking mechanism that bars his way including being tied by rope, handcuffs, prison cells, doors, trunks, locks, straightjackets, etc., one lock per casting, can be cast once/melee, only gagging the caster will prevent him from casting escape.

Eyes of Thoth (8) range: touch; duration: 10 minutes/level; save: none; caster understands and can read ALL written languages.

Instill Knowledge (15) range: touch;

Ride the Waves (10) range: self &/or 2 others; duration: 10 minutes/level;


Level 6

Armor of Neptune (20) range: touch; duration: 3 minutes/level;

Call Lightning (15) range: 300'; duration: instant; damage: 1D6 M.D.C./level; save: none; lightning bolt shoots out of the sky and hits the desired target, target must be visible to caster.

Fire Ball (10) range: 90'; duration: instant; damage: 1D4 M.D./level; save: dodge 18; hurls a fire ball at awesome speed toward its target.

Impervious to Energy (20) range: self, others by ritual; duration: 2 minutes/level; save: none; impervious to all energy based attacks including fire, heat, electricity, lasers, etc., but not kinetic energy like projectiles, knives, clubs, physical attacks, etc.

Memory Bank (12) range: touch; duration: 3 months/level; save: standard; can insert block of memory/info of up to 1000 words deep into another person's subconscious without them knowing what it is, caster can retrieve it any time by touch, a mind block will prevent an implant or prevent it from being retrieved, no limit to how many times can be done to one person.

Power Bolt (20) range: 1600'+100'/level; damage: 5D6 M.D. +2/level; duration: instant; save: none;

Teleport: Lesser (15) range: touch, 5 miles/level; duration: requires 2 melees; save: none; can teleport non-living objects, up to 50lbs can be teleported, destination must be known to caster, 80% +2%/level chance of success, failed teleport means the object is somewhere else within the casters range.

Tongues (12) range: touch; duration: 3 minutes/level; save: none; recipient perfectly understands and speaks all spoken languages at 98%, does not include written languages.

Words of Truth (15) range: 5'; duration: 1 minute/level; save: standard for each question; victims must answer questions truthfully, can ask two brief questions per melee, questions can be repeated if save is successful.


Level 7

Constrain Being (20) range: 30'; duration: 2 minutes/level; save: standard; limited control over lesser supernatural beings, can command the being to: "stay back", "begone", "don't move", "no", "stop", etc., as long as everyone stays out of its reach it can't hurt anyone, attacking it will break the enchantment, possessing entities, greater supernatural beings, non-supernatural d-bees, aliens, etc. are not effected by this spell.

Dispel Magic Barriers (20) range: 100'; duration: instant; save: standard; dispels all magical barriers of any kind including the sorcerer's seal, carpet of adhesion, wall spells, wards, etc.

Fly as the Eagle (25) range: 10'; duration: 20 minutes/level; save: none; bestows flight on a person, max. spd. 50mph, +1 parry, +2 dodge, +2 damage diving attack, only apply while flying.

Globe of Silence (20) range: 90', 20' area; duration: 6 melees/level; save: none; creates an invisible, globe which stops all sound, there is no sound inside the globe, prevents spell casting that requires sound, the globe can be moved around by the caster (caster can not cast another spell while the caster is manipulating the globe), if the caster stops concentrating on the globe to cast another spell it becomes fixed to that spot.

Invisibility: Superior (20) range: touch; duration: 3 minutes/level; save: none; invisible to all means of detection, infrared, ultraviolet, heat, motion detectors, sense of smell, no footprints, very little sound (+84% prowl), the spell will be negated if person makes an aggressive move, forcing open doors or windows, picking a locks, tapping someone, accidentally bumping someone, or getting hurt is not considered an aggressive


Invulnerability (25) range: touch; duration: 1 melee/level; save: none; impervious to fire and all energy attacks, poisons/toxins/gases/drugs, and provides a form fitting glowing energy field with 35 M.D.C., +10 vs. magic, psychic assault, and horror factor.

Lightblade (20) range: self; duration: 1 minute/level; damage: 1D4x10 M.D. +1/level; save: parry or dodge; creates a blade made of brilliant white light, the size is a factor of level: 1st-3rd is the size of a short sword, 4th-9th is the size of a bastard sword, & 10th+ is the size of a two-handed sword & as thick as a 2x4. Weightless, +1 strike, can parry energy blasts but with no bonuses.

Sonic Blast (25) range: 20' rad.; duration: instant; damage: 4D6 M.D.; save: standard;

Spinning Blades (20) range: varies;


Level 8

Commune with Spirits (25) range: 200', self or others by ritual; duration: 5 minutes/level; save: none; enables caster to see and speak to "entities".

Locate (30) range: 15 miles/level; duration: instant; save: none; enables caster to sense the general location/environment of his quarry,

apartment building, house, shopping mall, church, park, on an airplane headed for New York, etc., caster must have encountered or have a photo present, success ratio for spell is 41%, for ritual (requires a personal object from the quarry) 89%.

Minor Curse (35) range: 10'; duration: 24 hours/level; save: standard; caster can inflict the following minor disorders fever: -2 initiative, -5% skills, speed and endurance are -25%, fever is from 99-102, feels drained, tired, and uncomfortable, gas: some indigestion & nausea, bloated feeling, farts once/2 melees, -2 initiative, sneak attacks and prowls are impossible, headache: dull, throbbing headache, sleep and concentration are difficult, all skills are -10%, saves are -1, hiccups: interrupts speech, language skills are -15%, M.A. is *, prowl is impossible, can still cast spells, ingrown toenail: painful to walk, limps, speed is 1/3, prowl is -10%, climb is -15%, itching & rash: very uncomfortable, almost maddening itch only be relieved by scratching, M.A. is *, -4 initiative, -1 action, pimples: dozens of pimples break out all over face and arms, P.B. is *, nausea: stomach ache, loose bowels & vomiting, slow the victim down, speed is *, max. spd. possible but 50% chance of vomiting, sudden movements, bumpy rides, or high speeds (50mph+), have 60% chance of inducing vomiting or diarrhea, victim is -6 strike, parry,& dodge while vomiting, & has no initiative, runny nose & cough: nagging, constant cough, watering eyes, & runny nose, P.B. -25%, prowl and

sneak attack is impossible, can still cast spells, vertigo: dizzy when running faster than spd. 8, during chases of 50mph+, or when exposed to heights (10'+), when dizzy actions -1/melee, no initiative, -8 to strike, parry, and dodge, a "remove curse" will negate the spell and a "negation" spell has a 25% chance of negating vertigo.

Negate Magic (30) range: 60'; duration: instant; save: standard by spell or ritual; instantly cancel effects of most magic, can try again if fails, will not work against: possession, exorcism, constrain being, banishment, talisman, amulet, enchanted objects, symbol/circles of protection, wards, summoning magic, zombies, golems, restoration or healing/cures, can attempt to cancel curses but only a 25% chance of succeeding and only

if failed save, and no effect on psionics whatsoever.

Stone to Flesh (30) range: 12'; duration: instant; save: none; transforms stone to flesh, can restore people that have been turned to stone, can change 50#/level of stone.

Summon Sea Friend (40) range: 1 mile radius;

Wisps of Confusion (40) range: 90'; duration: 5 melees/level; save: standard; causes 1D8 people/creatures to become confused & disoriented, -5 strike, dodge, & parry, actions are *.


Level 9

D-Step (50) range: 3';

Desiccate the Supernatural (50) range: 1 50'/level or 2 by touch; damage: 3D6x10 points of damage; duration: instant; save: -1;

Familiar Link (55) range: self & animal, 600'; duration: indefinite; save: none; at 3rd level the arcanist can mentally link with a small animal (mammal, bird, or lizard), producing an impressive symbiotic relationship, animal will instantly link to the mage becoming docile and submissive to him and him alone, they are now one, the caster is its friend & master, familiar will understand and obey any command, verbal or mental, the mage can see, hear, smell, taste, and feel everything the familiar experiences, while the familiar understands everything the mage tells him he cannot actually speak to him, the familiar also senses what its master is feeling & experiencing, if one is in danger the other will know, both get an additional 6 h.p., if the familiar takes damage the mage takes the same damage, if familiar is killed the mage permanently loses 10 h.p., 50% chance the mage will suffer shock & lapse into a coma for 1D6 hours, can not try another "familiar link" for 1* years, telepathic/empathic range: 600', maximum size: 25#, usually cats, dogs, coyotes, foxes, weasels, rodents, birds, lizards, and snakes.

Protection Circle: Simple (45) range: within circle; duration: 24 hours; save: none; must draw a circle & symbols while casting, chalk, charcoal, or almost any substance can be used to draw with, as long as the circle remains undamaged anyone with enough p.p.e. can reactivate again and again, circle will keep lesser supernatural creatures 5' away from the circle, provides occupants with +2 vs. magic & psychic attack, has no effect against greater supernatural beings, such as vampires, elementals, and demi-gods, & no bonuses apply against these beings.

Tame Beast (60) range: 10';

Whirlpool (50) range: 120 rad.,


Level 10

Banishment (65) range: 100'; duration: 2 weeks/level; save: standard by spell or ritual; forces 1/level lesser supernatural beings/demons to leave the area (600' rad.), the creature(s) can not return until duration ends.

Mystic Portal (60) range: 20'; duration: 1 minute/level; save: none; creates a 10'x20' dimensional rift in space allowing the caster to target a wall creating a portal through it, can create a 12'/level deep portal in any substance, or can teleport someone to another location known by caster instantly & flawlessly, limitations as per teleport, the portal can be placed on a surface, looking through it allows one to see what's on the side, a person can step through to the other side, range is 100'/level, all means of travel are one way.

Plane Skip (65) range: self & 1 by touch;

Speed Weapon (100) range: touch;

Summon Greater Familiar (80) range:

Wards (90) range: present, per type; duration: 150 years/level, per type; save: standard by spell or ritual, creates mystic symbols to protect items & dwellings or as booby traps, can be cast on doors, windows, section of floor, cabinet or a specific item, the ward symbols are always obvious to serve as a warning, when anyone but the caster touches the warded object/area it is triggered, each invocation creates 2 ward effects, a ritual creates 3 effects, after ward is triggered and effects are expired the ward is gone.

Alarm: screeching, siren-like noise will sound for 10 minutes, can be heard through doors and up to 100' away.

Fear: aura of fear for a 20' area, see 2nd level fear spell.

Fire Bolt: victim is struck doing 6D6 M.D.C., no save.

Paralysis (lesser): paralyzes victim for 1D4 hours, see 3rd level paralysis: lesser spell.

Sleep: victim is put to sleep for 6D6 minutes, see 5th level sleep spell.

Agony: victim is wracked with agony for 2D8 melees, see 7th level agony spell.

Curse (minor): inflicts victim with minor curse for 1D6 weeks, see 8th level curse: minor spell.

Banishment (counts as 2 effects): forces lesser supernatural beings from the area, must leave object, see 10th level banishment spell.


Level 11

Astral Hole (120) range: self;

Create Magic Scroll (100) range: within reach, duration: till used, save: depending on spell, no spell strength; mage must be able to read/write and cast the desired spell for scroll, mage writes the words of the spell in sand or dirt while reciting the spell, the words appear on the scroll, the mage can control what level the spell is written at from 1st to his level, after the scroll is created anyone that can read the language the scroll is written in needs only to read it aloud to cast it (no p.p.e. or spell knowledge needed), when the scroll is used the words on it disappear leaving a blank piece of paper, any attempt to duplicate the scroll fails, this spell is the only known way to create a scroll.

Remove Curse (140) range: 10'; duration: instant; save: none; can attempt to remove any type of curse, roll a save vs. spell or ritual with a +5 spell & +10 ritual, if successful the curse is gone, if failed the curse remains and caster can try again.

Summon & Control Animals (ritual) (125) range: 600'; duration: 5 hours/level; save: standard; a superior summoning pentacle, can summon & control any type of animal: tiny animals like frogs & mice 40/level, medium-sized animals like dogs and cats (up to 30#) 8/level, large animals like horses 6/level, exotic animals that are not indigenous to area (like tigers, panthers, or elephants at no native to New York) 1/level, while in the pentagram the caster can also control all other animals within range unless they save vs. magic, familiars are not effected.


Level 12

Amulet (varies) range: bearer of amulet; duration: indefinite; save: none; instills a medallion or charm with mystic properties of protection, amulet must be made of one metal purified by fire or made of semiprecious stone, one of the following effects can be enchanted into one "amulet" per invocation:

Charm: +1 save vs. magic and psychic attack; p.p.e.: 290.

Protection Against Sickness: +6 save vs. the 8th level spell "sickness"; p.p.e.: 290.

Protection Against Insanity: +4 to save vs. all forms of magically induced insanities; p.p.e.: 320.

Protection Against the Supernatural: +2 save vs. horror factor; p.p.e.: 300.

See the Invisible: bearer can see the invisible as per spell; p.p.e.: 500.

Sense the Presence of Spirits/Entities: amulet changes color whenever an entity is in the area; range: 60'; p.p.e.: 310.

Turn the Undead: prevents any & all undead from physically touching the bearer; p.p.e.: 400.

Calm Storms (200) range: 1 mile area/level; duration: 1 hour/level; save: none; turn downpour into light rain, reduce wind speed by *, reduce waves by *, and lighten dark, stormy skies, using ritual the mystic can turn a torrential rain into a drizzle, reduce winds to a gentle breeze, shrink ocean waves to normal, disperse a tornado instantly & get sun to peek through clearing skies.


Level 13

Create Golem (700 or 1000) range:

Protection Circle: Superior (300) range:

Summon Storm (300) range:

Summon Lesser Being (425) range:

Talisman (500) range:


Level 14

Annihilate (600) range: 500'+100'/level;

Close Rift (200+) range:

Impenetrable Wall of Force (600) range:


Level 15

Circle of Travel () range: 800 miles/level;

Dimensional Portal (1000) range:

Dimensional Teleport (800) -

Summon Ally (600) range: 1000 miles;

Teleport: Superior (600) range:


P.P.E. recovery: 10 points per hour of rest or sleep & 15 points per hour of meditation. I.S.P. recovery: 2 per hour of activity & 12 points per hour of sleep or meditation.


                                        Items of Interest


Magical Charm Necklace: +1 save vs. magic & psychic attack (see amulet spell).

Magical Cross Necklace: Turn Undead (see amulet spell).

Magical Ring (etched with runes): Superior Teleport, as per spell (4th level), 3 charges.

Magical Ring (etched with runes): Dimensional Portal, as per spell (4th level), 3 charges.

Magical Bracelet (etched with runes): Annihilate, as per spell (4th level), 3 charges.

Magical Wand: Fire Ball, range: 90', damage: 4D4 M.D., 3 charges.

Magical Wand: Call Lightning, range: 300', damage: 4D6 M.D., 3 charges.

Magical Amulet (etched with runes): P.P.E. Battery, add 30 by spending 60, charge: 1020.

Magical Pearl: P.P.E. Battery, charge starts out at 100 every day, for every day that it is not used add 10, max is 1000.

Current charge: 110


Scrolls: Banishment, Remove Curse, Close Rift, Stone to Flesh, Locate, Close Rift, Calm Storms, Wards, Negate Magic,