Ancestors of the MaHaRaL of Prague


Bezalel (Hazaken) ben Yehuda LOEW was reportedly a descendant of King David (91 generations earlier). (See Aryeh Lifschuetz, Avoth Atarah le-Banim, Warsaw (1927) p. 163 for claim of descent from R. Hai.)


Bezalel Hazaken had a son Yehuda LOEW ben Bezalel (Hazaken). Yehuda LOEW died 1440 in Worms (or 18 Heshvan in 1439 CE in Prague?) (A.k.a Liva The Elder of Prague.) Yehuda was the head of a Yeshiva in Worms. He had a son Bezalel ben Yehuda LOEW.


Bezalel had a son Ham (or Chajim or Chaim) LOEW ben Bezalel LOEB born about 1450.


Haim LOEW is supposed to have come from Isenheim in the Alsace. Haim married Vogelin Feigele and they had four sons:


Nathan LOEB (LOEW)

Zvi Helman LOEB (LOEW)

Rabbi Yaakov LOEW (Reichsrabbiner). Chief Rabbi of the German Jews.

Bezalel ben Ham LOEB (LOEW) was born about 1480. Bezalel married the daughter of Rabbi Chaim

ISSEMHEIMER or married daughter of Rabbi Yitzchak KLOBER of Worms. They had four sons:

Rabbi Hayyim (Chajim or Chaim) ben Bezalel LOEB (b. 1506? 1510? Worms, d. 1588 Freidberg)

For information about Noda Byehuda, great-grandson of Rabbi Eliezer of Dubna, or about Rabbi Eliezer of Dubna great-grandson-in-law of Rabbi Hayim and son of Rabbi Yissachar BEIRISH of Crackow, son of the famous Rabbi Heschel of Crackow, please contact Noda's descendant Yisrael ASPER

Rabbi Eliezer of Dubna's father-in-law was Rabbi Naftali Zvi Hirsh KLOSNER of Lublin, the son of Zacharia Mendel KLOSNER, son-in-law of Rabbi Hayyim.

Sinai LOEB (b. ca 1508 Worms, d. 1607 Kolin).

Rabbi Shimshon (Samson) ben Bezalel LOEB (b. 1522? 1510? Prague, d. Kremitz),

daughter married Zecharia Mendle KLOIZNER the Elder.

Rabbi Judah (Jehuda) LOEW ben Bezalel (b. 1525 Posen or Pesach Eve. 1512 Worms, d. 22

August 1609 Prague) [The Maharel] [Der Hohe Rabbi LOWE] [High Rabbi Lowe]

married Perla SHMELKES (b. 1528 Prague, d. 5 May 1610 Prague) daughter of

Samuel SHMELKES Reich (See Berthold ROSENTHAL family tree in the

BAER-OPPENHEIMER collection at the Leo Baeck institute) (See below for biography.)

Rabbi Betzalel Charif LOEWE (d. 1600 Cologne)



Gitele LOEW (d. 7 Tishre 1635) married Rabbi Simon BRANDEIS

Tilla LOEW

Rachel LOEW (d. 1633 Prague)

Lea LOEW m. Yitzchak Kohen-Zedek.

Vgele Bezalel (Lw) m. Yitzchak Koken-Zedek (d. 1629)

Realina married R. Chaim WAHL from Prague.

Yohanan Zuris, a great-grandson of the Maharal remains to be placed in the tree.