Golem Club








Aspiring capitalists in post-communist Prague enjoy the elitist Golem Club which was founded in 1991.

"In an elegant Prague club, which bears the ominous name Golem, everything is first-class," noted a group of online writers calling themselves Banka on the Web.


"Antique furniture, valuable paintings, expensive drinks and cigars and, of course, its guests. Golem is frequented by the Czech millionaires, the fine company of the richest few, whose newly-gained status is confirmed by their membership of the club."


Banka added, "Nobody has yet refused their invitation, not even the President Vaclav Havel or the Prime Minister Vaclav Klaus. Golem is the place where they discuss new laws and the national economy, but also lighter topics, if, that is, the rich have time to talk about mundane things.


"Since Golem opened its doors, Fidelis Schlee has been one of its most frequent visitors. Schlee says himself that he is extremely rich. He says he bought his Rolls Royce from Mick Jagger," the writers said.











From: The Golem by Richard S. Ehrlich http://members.tripod.com/ehrlich/czechhumanoid0006.html


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