Head Office

Brodsky's International Real Estage Agency was established in 2051 by Rosalind Brodsky.

Brodsky, a time travel researcher at the Institute of Militronics and Advanced Time Interventionality in South London, located the current premises in New York City while on vacation in the USA in 2050.
In 2051 the contracts were signed and Brodsky took part time leave from her duties at the Institute to devote herself to her longstanding obsession with real estate.

Brodsky's International Real Estate Agency was operational in the latter years of Brodsky's
life, between 2051 and her death in 2058 and dealt with a broad variety of properties internationally.

Each property was taken on because it had a particular history or identity which was pertinent to Brodsky's interests and/or other projects at the Institute.

As far as we know Brodsky never actually made a profit from this enterprise since the valuations she made on the properties corresponded to a form of time travel induced hysterical conceptualism and were entirely unrelated to market values.