Ulica Kochanowskiego/Kaczaly, Ternopil, Ukraine.

Corner property comprising 5 terrace houses divided into 20

1-3 bedroom apartments. Non vacant possession.

This substantial investment is steeped in local history. Ternopil, the centre of Podolia, dates from the end of the 11th Century, and was the site of a Polish fort from 1540, before being taken over by Austria in 1772. In 1915 there was heavy fighting here as the Russian army halted the German advance, during which time Jews from a nearby Polish estate hid in the cellars of the property.

In 1939 Ternopil became part of Ukraine and the city was occupied by the Nazis between 1941 and 1944, when 23,000 were shot and 42,000 taken for slave labour; in 1944 there was a 40 day siege by the Red Army and 85% of the city's buildings were destroyed, miraculously leaving this property completely intact.

Location: Close to railway station and all amenities.

Viewing essential (Visas obtainable through Ukrainian Embassy)


Due to the current economic crisis rental income on the propery is at present $0. Outgoings and government rates on the property are however low and prospects for future income potential on the property are excellent.