At the Institute of Militronics and Advanced Time Interventionality we have been committed to time travel based research since 2005.


Our South London headquarters


To this end we have become forerunners in the development of many new processes and techniques.

At the Institute we have maintained unparalleled successes in the development of many new advances in the biotechnology area.

Our methods have often been appropriated and implemented by a broad variety of companies and government departments including the military.

  • Our trans genetic-research, uniting processes of cloning with interplanetary matter has, for example, been invaluable to the food corporation Nutragenetica.

  • The complexities of time travel have necessitated the development of a range of equipment capable of genetically and otherwise translating a variety of organic and sonic material both temporally and physically.

  • Our DNADVANCE project, which uses retrieved matter from persons throughout history, in order to manufacture clones for testing and research purposes, has been of unprecedented benefit to historians, anthropologists and many government departments.

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