Lying on the Couch 2012 AD

The cd cover shows, on the left section, Brodsky following Jacques
Lacan outside the Sorbonne, Paris, in 1970.
On the right we see Brodsky and Lacan lying on the couch in his
home in Paris which has been transformed into a sci-fi environment,
scenes from 60s TV shows illuminating the scene from above.

On the back cover (below) we see Brodsky and Lacan as captured
by a local journalist in a Parisian café in 1981.


Lying on the Couch 2012 AD

Lying on the couch last week
waiting for Jacques Lacan to speak
I drifted off and reappeared
in dreams of lost TV stations

In the Avengers and Doctor Who
I was happy then and so were you
before I saw my failing mind
walk out the door forever

Episode ten was pretty hot
and nobody was ever shot
I told him everything was fine
and he said not to bother

Lying on the couch this week
wishing I could go to sleep
or have a drink with an old time friend
but I`m drifting off into the future
I`m drifting off into the future

All those shows I used to watch
before I lost my mind and much
more besides until I could
time travel to the future

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