Spy in the House of Lvov (audio track & music video (view stills)
6 mins)

The cd cover features a large scale model of Brodsky's Sigmund Freud Vibrator, replacing the statue of Eros in Piccadilly Square, London.
It was designed by Brodsky in 2018

Spy in the House of Lvov is a song about Brodsky's range of feature vibrators and her complex and various relationships with them.
The footage for the Spy in the House of Lvov video was shot in Lvov,
Ukraine, near to where my/Brodsky's father was born, and in Soho,
London, tracking Brodsky on a vibrators marketing trip.
(The vibrators were marketed to fund Brodsky's psychoanalysis in the 20th century)
The video also includes animated digital sequences.

The back cover of the cd (below) shows some scenes from the video.


Spy in the House of Lvov

The room was filled with vibrators
all jerking off and talking
they tried a conversation
I pretended not to hear them
but itıs my fault I made them
they turned their electronic eyes on me
and demanded a confession

I told them;
I am a spy in the house of Lvov
making clues to be used
by the next generation
I am a spy in the house of Lvov
you canıt turn me on
I need the whole population
spy in the house of Lvov

I saw everything they wanted
I programmed every one of them
and put them on the market
I made a lot of money
and used it for my sessions
with Freud, Lacan, Jung and Klein
and Julia Kristeva


I sold them high
I sold them low
theyıre on my mind
Iım never alone
One day Iıll grow up
and deflect their love
into heaven above


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