Hollywood Golem

Recorded 2029

This track was written and recorded during Brodsky's time travel research for the Institute* into stories of the Golem in relation to the history of the Loew Dynasty, Rabbi Judah Loew (1520-1609) being the most well known figure in history to have brought a clay figure, a golem, to life.

The front cover shows Brodsky in her Electronic Time Travelling Golem Costume standing on the roof of a building in Hollywood Boulevard in 1958, in the manner of King Kong.

The back cover (below) shows a view of the entrance to the Jewish ghetto in Prague.

*The purpose of the research was to establish, through time travel, links between the original C16th creator of a golem and contemporary genetically related manifestations of productions (or desire thereof) of artificial life, in the pursuit of developments within genetic research.

Information retrieved from Brodsky's laboratory, Schloss Neuschwanstein, Bavaria.

Retrieval Date: 2058

© Institute of Militronics and Advanced Time Interventionality


Hollywood Golem

Looking sad and dumb he called to me
From a picture of a man made out of clay
From the vellum sprang the first words he ever spoke
In the local library yesterday

The Kabbalistic details were simple to procure
How to make a lump of mud develop some allure
It's inscribed all over history books if you're that way inclined
You don't have to be Jewish to make a Frankenstein

Playing in the kitchen with bowls of felafel mix
writing Hebrew words in the margins of physics
Walking round in circles, to avoid all kinds of pain,
These things all come naturally when you're a North London Jewish dame

Mum and Dad came in the kitchen
When the felafel mix was itchin'
They messed my head with all their stuff
I saw red and turned into the golem instead

Don't wanna be a golem,
Don't put me in the fair
Give me the solution
I want something else to wear

Wanna talk some sense to you
Not all these stories of Rabbi Loew
All those old Prague cemetaries
Don't wanna go to the penitentiary

Wanna be a modern golem
Be in films and on TV
Wanna go to Hollywood
Be a star in luxury

Hey, I'm not a woman
Trying to be a man made out of clay
I'm a golem made of felafel
from the sixteenth Century

I'm a Hollywood Golem from the sixteenth Century…
I'm a Hollywood Golem from the sixteenth Century…


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