One Woman's Experience

I remember being scared, being very upset ...I had little brothers and sisters the same think, they must be really scared about what's happening...really frightened because they were my age, and my younger brother was four, and my best friend across the road was a year younger than me, the three of us always used to hang out parents they were really upset and they became very protective of us, they had to know where we were, who we were with...I remember everyone talking about it, all the kids...when Croiset came to Adelaide he stopped in front of our house...the main thing I remember, that really scared me...we were walking to the corner Deli...and the screech of tyres and then this police car came...and these two policeman came out ...and they said "tell me your name" ..and the three of us said our names...he was holding my hand, saying "you can tell me the truth, it's fine" ...and I said that is my name...and I started to shake and I was getting quite scared, and he said "we don't want you to be frightened, we just want you to tell us who you are, and if there's something wrong and you need to tell us, where here to help you." And this poor man did not believe us. And I remember my little brother burst into tears, getting very distressed. My girl friend was saying "This is not my sister it's my girlfriend across the road."... And this policeman's face...he said "I think you better get into the car and come to the police station." I said I only live around the corner. And a man down the road, he came down and he said "I know who these children are"...And they thought we were the Beaumont children. And this policeman's face, I'll never forget his face...he looked so upset...and I felt sad that we weren't the Beaumont was just sad to see his face... and to know that...he'd thought he'd found them
.. .