...vision of human children inside UFOs...involved a woman in South Australia... She had a sense of being in strange room ...She saw a young girl, who was perhaps ten years old.. said her younger brother and sister were also with her. The woman asked if the little girl wanted to go with them, but she said her time was nearly up. Her name was Arna. New search at the warehouse begins. A tunnel is discovered bearing an "uncanny resemblance" to the one "seen" by Croiset. Newspaper clippings from 1965 are also discovered. Search abandoned. The children are not found.


Police search a reservoir near Adelaide, after undergoing a special "black water" training course. They find nothing. Investigations that a religious sect was involved with the children's disappearance yield nothing. A witness told the court that Von Einem had picked up the Beaumont children and two girls from the football at Adelaide Oval. He had done some "brilliant surgery" and "connected them together", but one had died and he had dumped the body at Moana or Myponga.

Council workers find a suitcase of annotated newspaper clippings at a rubbish dump. The suitcase was owned by a woman who had recently died, her family said.

Police search a scout camp in Victoria. The area was described to police by a woman as being a possible grave. It proved to be a mound of rubbish.


Digging starts at warehouse where Croiset said he "saw" the children. A piece of towel, pie and pastie bags, and a chocolate wrapper are found, but no bodies. Claims from an inmate at Glenside mental home are treated lightly by police...