Mrs. Nancy Beaumont

I don't think they're alive,
but I haven't lost hope, and all I want is
that they come back
... I've got to look at both sides, but it's the time that is getting me.
It has been too long.I can't be stupid and say
that they're going to come in with a skipping rope.
I've got to feel that the little things are huddled up somewhere
and nobody has found them.
...If the other two were very keen to go with somebody,
Jane would go with them to look after them,
and wouldn't leave them alone....
I believe they've just finished the Pat, and there's nothing there.
I'm inclined to think
that it was all over on the Wednesday afternoon.
Whoever it was had nothing to lose.
These thoughts have been with me for a long while...
I'm looking at both sides,
but I don't know what to think anymore...