Jim Beaumont

It's a good photograph, and maybe someone will see it and
recognise the kids. You can see Jane's teeth are a little
prominent in the front and the fringe of hair on Grant's forehead. And that's Arnna to a T, with the big grin.It's my favourite photo. We took on a country trip in October and, well, we were all happy then.
...But it's been six days now - five nights- and they're only kids. What sort of mongrel would keep children away from their home that long?
They aren't drowned. If they were their bodies would have been washed up by now.
And besides, there were so many people on the beach, someone would have seen them. And if they'd dug a tunnel in the sand and it fell in on them, someone would have found their towels and the bag Jane was carrying. They're alive and someone is hiding them. What sort of a mongrel would do that? Grant is only four and he'd get frightened at night. He still wears nappies at night.
Who could keep a little boy like that away from his mother?
...Jane is a very sensible kid, she'd look after the little ones as long as she could.
..A lot of people are praying for us. They're looking after us.
I'm OK but my wife couldn't even eat or sleep until last night.
She cries all the time and the doctor has had to give her sedatives.