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Paul Carter … Comfort Levels
Michael Kutschbach … Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide
Paul Hoban …
Esther Ratner … teaching
Stephen Loo … teaching
Greg Hainge … research
Gini Lee … teaching
Hossein Valamanesh …
Angela Valamanesh …
Teri Hoskin … pricklingseWReevident materials
John Barbour … teaching
Sean Pickersgill … teaching
Aldo Iacobelli… Tomas March Gallery, Spain
Michael Yuen, Christian Haines, Mark Carroll
Linda Marie Walker … An Archaeology Of Surface(s)teaching
from Linda Marie Walker …
<home> eWRe studio. Architecture and Interior Architecture. Semester 1. 2003. Linda Marie Walker and Stephen Loo. Design Teri Hoskin.
ICOLS, the International Corporation of Lost Structures (department of dislocated memory)*.
Urban Gallery,
Urban Art Official,
Invisible Made Visible,
Soft Wishing Y Monument,
Serious Immobilities by Stephen Whittington,
Curves and Surfaces,
Aleksandra Kasuba,

from Paul Hoban …
Flatland: a romance of many dimensions,
"A land where all objects, animate and inanimate, appear as straight lines. Flatland has no sun, nor other heavenly bodies, but by its own laws of nature has a constant attraction to the south, and this peculiarity serves as a compass." Edwin A. Abbott, Flatland, New York, 1884, cited in Alberto Manguel and Gianni Guadalupi, The Dictionary of Imaginary Places, Great Britain: Bloomsbury, 1999.

The geometry junkyard,

from Teri Hoskin …
fOam collective, TGarden for the diagram and the process

ubu web a favourite archive (old stuff) and resource (now stuff) for all kinds of experimental writing, sound art, and used tea bags. A no-privacy-everything-is-free policy

Gregory L. Ulmer, Sacrificing Music A consultation for electronic monumentality

Bernard Cache, Earthmoves: The Furnishing of Territories, Anne Boyman, Michael Speaks, Trans. Cam., Mas.: The Mit Press, 1995.

from Greg Hainge …
surface (a text, touch sound)

to the Quick, Journal of experimental music and sound. Issue 5. 2002. Complete journal issue. Greg's article is Come on Feel the Noise: Technology and its Disfunctions in the Music of Sensation", [pdf file]

Francisco L—pez absolute concréte music.

Koji Asano "One of the world's most imaginative composers, Koji Asano defies simple categorization. A native of Japan who now resides in Barcelona, Spain, Asano has composed tunes for dance performances, film soundtracks, and video art exhibitions. Solo pianists, guitar bands, computers, string quartets, and his own Tokyo-based group the Koji Asano Ensemble have performed his compositions." [text from the site, many mp3 samples available for on-site listening]

Mille-Plateaux Many theoretical essays related to music here, and info re electronic artists, new releases etc.

DJSpooky "that subliminal kid"

bitstream Experimental music by Stephen Mathieu and others

"They are the authors of some of the most perfect media exploits of the last years, such as the creation and diffusion, at the opening of the 49th Venice Biennial, of the computer virus "" or the memorable theft of the art gallery Their most enigmatic work, to which they attend since years, is called GLASNOST - transparency - is a permanent self-surveillance system that consists on the monitoring and diffusion of an enormous amount of data related to their private life." [text from the site - persist!]

from John Barbour …
Elizabeth Grosz, Architecture from the Outside, (Cambridge, Mas.: The MIT Press, 2001).

from Michael Kutschbach …
Thomas Rentmeister Of his own works the German artist Thomas Rentmeister says: "It is true that the essential aspect of my highly polished polyester sculptures is their surface. If I could, I would leave out everything concealed beneath it and let the sculptures lie around in real space like virtual shells or infinitely thin-walled soap bubbles. But since that isn't possible, I try to give them a hyperartificial appearance that seems out of place in reality through intensive processing by hand, so that at least the idea of a virtual body can take shape in the imagination. I steer the objects toward the virtual, so to speak, to the extent that reality permits." (From the site).

asymptote asymptote is the New York Architectural studio of Hani Rashid and Lise Anne Couture. They have produced impressive sites of both the material and immaterial kind, including the Guggenheim Virtual Museum and the New York Stock Exchange 3D Trading Floor.

Karim Rashid Designer of products, objects, furniture, graphics, identity, space, clothes, cosmetics, lighting, environments. "If freedom were a form it would be a never-ending undulating boundless biomorphic shape that is in perpetual motion. Form follows Fluid." (from the site)

from Angela Valamanesh …
Angela Valmanesh, ceramic artist Samstag Scholarship recipient, 1996

A selection of Angela's works

Essay (pdf document). Chris Reid, "Angela Valamanesh: A bi-lingual artist" Broadsheet 30.2.

from Hossein Valamanesh …
Longing Belonging

fingers of memory

A survey
A brief note about Hossein's 2001 retrospective exhibition at the Art Gallery of South Australia

Arts Today, radio transcript

Memory of Snow Echigo-Tsumari Art Necklace Project, Japan, 2000. "The project has various aspects such as art, architecture, community planning, natural environment, agriculture, education, urbanization and depopulation, aging society and so on. These issues being addressed by the project are not only specific to the region, but are universal throughout Japan and the world. Therefore, the project enables the commitment of outside people from different fields. As a result, artists, architects, ecologists, educators, urban planners, journalists, and many more have become sympathetically involved in the project." (from the site)

from Angela and Hossein Valamanesh …
Colour Studies and Swiss Landscapes Bett Gallery Hobart 5 September to 1 October 2003

An Gorta Mor (The Great Hunger) Monument to the Great Irish Famine at the Hyde Park Barracks Museum.

from Michael Yuen, Christian Haines, Mark Carroll …
"When applied to music, the word 'surface', like 'texture', is taken generally to refer to an aural perception - it is a metaphor for an imagined tactile equivalent. …