surface. beginning and ending in hissing sibilance. surface. the sound almost extends out towards its indifference. which is its immanence. and proves that nothing really has a surface. or at least a surface that can contain it. as you would think. because a surface constantly flows outwards. you can never touch it. touch. tactile. you can almost touch it. but you can't of course. you think you can. but you never will. how can things touch us when we remain so totally unable to touch them. how can music touch me. yet i cannot touch it. how can a voice move me. yet i cannot touch it. or can i? if the grain of the voice is contained in the body. what if one were to take the body from the voice. push the voice out to its utmost limit. make it imperceptible to the point that it is hardly itself. it is certainly not myself. the voice as conflation of public and private. the whisper reserved for those that you know in intimacy and not for those you do not. only for those that you have the right to touch can you strip the voice of its body. so it cannot be touched. and yet it moves. and so it can touch. the body retuned. turned out away from itself so that it can touch. but sound cannot touch. the voice cannot touch. because it is always sent away from matter. what does it matter. what if we want to touch sound. what if we want sound matter to touch. the voice re-coded. given a new body. a new body which seems to be as immaterial as that which the whisper never had. which needs augmenting. restating. in order to pass into something resembling perception. for like the whisper the new body of the sound is discreet. we should not hear it. but it is there. it is what gives us away. touch sound. touch sound. touch sound. touch sound. touch sound. touch sound. touch sound. touch sound. an almost perfect physical map of each other. touch sound. do it. feel what you have to do to touch sound. here i touch all of those before me. everything before and yet to come. outside. contacting and contracting all previous moments into one act of touch. which may. if you can.