surface coll
horses by unknown (sent by LMW) deer doll
deer by doll(elk) yoko in BANFF, oct 2003.
rejecting crossing emitting
rejecting crossing emitting
These diagrams are generated from Rene Thoms, 'Table of Archetypal Morphologies,' a set of twelve diagrams for twelve movements, two sets of six opposing moves: capturing failing; "almost" emitting; rejecting crossing; stirring giving; fastening cutting; sending taking. And belonging to all these sets is a quartet of moments: ending beginning; being changing. I made them into a little book twelve months ago. The book(let), sending taking will be a part of the SURFACE DIA/GRAM exhibition opening Friday night. There will be lots of book(let)s, so you can take one and see all the diagrams. The diagrams have been generative in my thinking and making in relationship to the virtual, digital surfaces and appearances. Teri Hoskin
(sent by JB)
(sent by Gini Lee)