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surfacepresenter's bios
Presenters …
Paul Carter
Michael Kutschbach
Paul Hoban
Esther Ratner
Steve Loo
Greg Hainge
Gini Lee
Hossein Valamanesh
Angela Valamanesh
Teri Hoskin
John Barbour
Sean Pickersgill
Aldo Iacobelli
Michael Yuen
Christian Haines
Mark Carroll

Convenors …
John Barbour and Dr Linda Marie Walker
Paul Carter: Paul published Repressed Spaces: the Poetics of Agoraphobia (London: Reaktion) in 2002. His exhibition, Mythform: the Making of Nearamnew, about his four year collaboration with Lab architecture studio at Federation Square, Melbourne, recently closed at the Response Gallery, Ian Potter Centre/ NGV. His new book, Material Thinking: Local Invention and Creative Culture (Melbourne University Publishing) is out in 2004. Paul is professorial research fellow at The Australian Centre, University of Melbourne.
Comfort Levels
Michael Kutschbach: Michael is an artist with an ongoing interest in the "blob" form. Aspects of fluidity and plasticity inform his work which encompasses the areas of painting, sculpture, video and installation. Recent work includes "stanley, beatrice and friends" shown at Greenaway Art Gallery, and participation in SALA festival events at the Mercury Cinema and the Art Gallery of South Australia. Upcoming activities include participation in Art Cologne 2003 and a solo exhibition at Conny Dietzschold Gallery (Sydney) in January 2004. Michael is a current Masters candidate at the South Australian School of Art, University of South Australia.
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Paul Hoban: Paul is an artist and head of Painting at the South Australian School of Art. He has held recent solo exhibitions at Greenaway Gallery, Adelaide (2003), and Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney (2003). Paul has also exhibited at ARCO, Madrid (2003). He is a former Anne & Gordon Samstag scholar.
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Esther Ratner: Esther is interested in the effect of matter’s tangible surface attributes–texture, topography, thermal conductivity, vibrational frequency, chemical structure, electromagnetic fields–on human tactile perception and aesthetic preference. Her current research seeks to empirically test the hypothesis that materials have a physical memory signature, a history of transformations and interventions that can be “felt” via physical contact.
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Steve Loo: Steve is a Senior Lecturer and Program Director of Architecture at the Louis Laybourne Smith School of Architecture and Design, University of South Australia. Steve's research lies at the intersections of philosophy and architecture, and he has published widely on the implications of German existentialism and French poststructuralism to urban and architectural theory. His current interests lie in technological immanence, biopolitics and Asian urbanism. Steve is also a practising architect and partner of award winning Adelaide-based design practice Mulloway Studio. The practice specialises in cultural interpretation projects, and has recently completed the Golden Pipeline Interpretation Masterplan, Mundaring Pump Station #1, and Greenough Interpretation Project in WA, and Queen's Theatre Interpretation Project in Adelaide. Steve's other built work includes Moana Surf Life Saving Club, SA, Glenelg Town Hall Redevelopment, SA and the National Dry Land Farming Museum in Kadina, SA.
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Greg Hainge: Greg is currently investigating the phenomenon of noise in many of its different facets through a theoretical lens. Often taking as a point of departure musical expressions founded on a noise of some kind, his project aims to understand the new paradigms within which such expressions operate and to examine other aesthetic expressions from many domains which are also founded on noise or else that have been infected with noise.
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Gini Lee:Gini is an Interior Designer and Landscape Architect, and practises and teaches in multidisciplinary design areas including domestic and commercial interiors, environmental graphics and associated exhibition design, garden design, and cultural and historical landscapes assessment. She is interested in cross cultural and cross disciplinary design practices which span different cultural narratives, and engages in collaborative associations between the disciplines. She is currently Head of School, Louis Laybourne Smith School of Architecture and Design, University of South Australia.
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Hossein Valamanesh, Angela Valamanesh: Hossein & Angela Valamanesh have maintained seperate practices since they both graduated from South Australian School of Art in the late 1970's. While they are based in Adelaide they travel interstate and occasionally overseas for exhibitions or residencies. Over the past ten years they have collaborated on a small number of public art projects and more recently on a number of studio works. They are at present making works on paper using brightly coloured silks collected during a residency in Lahore, Pakistan, in 1999.
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Teri Hoskin: Teri is an Adelaide based artist, writer and theorist. She is the editor and designer for the Electronic Writing Research Ensemble. Her practice is visual arts writing - a kind of fuzzy philosophy - and is primarily web based. She is currently working on her doctoral thesis/ project titled pricklings. It is concerned with poetic and philosophical notions of appearance, interiority and exteriority, and practices of bodies, time and space. Her digital aesthetic could be described as html minimalism (making it up with a strong nod to visual art history and theory). It could be called an act of mourning; this doesn’t mean it is grim, rather, that the process is mindful of remainders. She is currently a doctoral candidate in the School of Architecture & Design, University of South Australia, where she also teaches theory with LMW.
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John Barbour: John is an artist, academic and writer - in that order. Unable to conceive of permanence, he persists in making and exhibiting works of art which perhaps might best be described as 'curiously satisfying'. He is also janitor of the International Corporation of Lost Structures (department of dislocated memory). Recent projects include the exhibitions Human Need (Experimental Art Foundation, 2003) and Dark Star (Yuill/Crowley, 2003); and the XXV Bienal de Sao Paulo (2002). Forthcoming projects include the Organisation for Cultural Exchange and Disagreement (Vancouver, 2004) and the II Auckland International Triennial (2004).
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Sean Pickersgill: Sean is interested in the machinations of horror, the structure of it, the techniques of it, the banality of it, the absence of it, its extremity and its intimacy, and its beauty. He is interested in the fact that it is an experience always intimate with architecture, and that it has an architectonic that is both structured and ruinous. He is a lecturer in Architectural Theory and Studio at the Louis Laybourne Smith School of Architecture & Design, University of South Australia.
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Aldo Iacobelli Aldo is a painter who works between Adelaide and Valencia. His works are in the collections of the Art Gallery of South Australia, the National Gallery (Canberra), and the Alaba Museum (Vitoria, Spain).
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Michael Yuen Michael is completing a degree in composition under Stephen Whittington at the Elder School of Music, the University of Adelaide. In addition to his activities as a composer, tutor and studio engineer, Michael also directs Rundle Street/Red Door, a highly successful and thought-provoking monthly electro-acoustic concert series.
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Christian Haines Christian (BA, MA) is a lecturer in music technology and electronic music at the Elder School of Music. He also studio manager for the School's electronic music unit, which features audio computer labs, audio suites and studios. Christian's creative activities centre on generative and electro-acoustic composition.
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Mark Carroll Mark holds a PhD from the Elder School of Music. He is currently a lecturer at the School and at the Australian National University, where he has for some time also been research assistant to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education). Mark's book Music and Ideology in Cold War Europe has just been published by Cambridge University Press.
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Linda Marie Walker: Linda is a writer who teaches theory and studio at the Louis-Laybourne Smith School of Architecture and Design. Her post-doctoral research is titled An Archaeology Of Surface(s). She is the archivist of spatial delinquency and irresponsible writing for ICOLS, the International Corporation of Lost Structures (department of dislocated memory)*.
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image source: Stephen Holl, Parallax *Citation negotiations in process with ICOLS HQ.